John was a giant of a man who had a huge heart and affected a lot of people in his life - mostly through inspirational and postive means. You can see through the many messages and posts on FB how popular John was and I count myself among this group. I had only known John for a few years, first after contacting him via FB for an interview which I conducted with him in the winter of 2012. We discussed his time in Canada filming Black Roses in the late 80's and during the conversation you could tell how much fun he had making this movie.

Black Roses is hugely influential for many metal fans who loved horror films, and in my estimation this film is the grand daddy of all horror/metal films made in the 80's. From there John went on to film Rock 'N Roll Nightmare and the Jitters, before leaving Canada and returning to make films in the States. He wasn't only a film maker, but was a passinate collector of horror memorabilia (in particular The Creature from the Black Lagoon) and mask maker/designer too. The guy was just a mountain of man creatively and I truly admired him for all these abilties. He will truly be missed and it's an incredible shame that he has passed on at a young age of 52.

With all this being said, I have asked From the Grave Columnist Mark Slade to review Black Roses for me, so we have his look back at the film posted up in his column. Also, if you want to read my interview wtih John Fasano please go and pick up issue # 323 of Fangoria magazine to check out what he had to say about the movie. It's a really great interview and revealing look into his time working in Canada and making a truly great horror film. I should also announce that my last interview with John talking about The Jitters will also be published in upcoming issue # 336 due out this fall from Fango. Again, John wasn't a loss for words and he had tons to say about film making, so don't miss out on that too.

That's it for me, so as always keep those fists pumping and keep it Bloody. Also, don't forget to raise a toast to the man who practically invented the genre of horror/metal - Mr. John Fasano. We love ya man and you will be missed!

Kenneth Gallant, Editor-in-Chief HMS - July 24, 2014

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