We all know that horror and comic books go hand in hand - what with the caustic marriage of EC comics dating as far back as the mid 50’s. I won’t go into further detail about that period, but you all know how that publishing debacle led to the birth of the comic’s code for regulation on future horrific atrocities found in the medium.

I for one feel all that strife surrounding the genre at that time was a difficult pill to swallow, but it served as a rallying cry for all aspiring writers/artists who came after this. Now you might be wondering what this has to do with Ink & Guts, well the section was birthed to bring about full interviews and articles on the subject of horror in comic books, in heavy metal and in the tattoo world. We feel there is a wealth of this type of material out there, so what better way than to celebrate that at HMS.

Ink & Guts will strive to bring the best coverage as humanely possible and to start us off right we tracked down SIlvester Goregnome of Fondlecorpse fame. He’s such a huge fan of horror, metal and comic books – with his connections to Adam Geyer and Razorback Records notwithstanding. I guarantee this interview will be killer and this is only the beginning. We have future interviews with Jeff Zornow and Rob Sachetto in the works, so I am extremely pleased with the quality of material going into this feature.

So let me sign off now, as we are very pleased to introduce this new feature. As always metalheads, keep handbanging and keep it bloody!

Kenneth Gallant, Editor HMS - April 10, 2014

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