Lita Ford is a genuine name in the music industry. She’s been previously known as a founding member of the short lived all girl group The Runaways, before going on to a solo career. Her first solo album came out in 1983, but it was her third album simply entitled “Lita” (released in 1988) that put her on the map!

Her most famous tune on that release “Kiss Me Deadly” is one that my wife loves to sing often while driving, and I totally agree that it’s a toe tapper of a tune. This album went Platinum in the US and Gold in Canada and debuted on the US charts at number 29 – her highest rated chart release ever of all her studio albums. One of the reasons I am bringing her up is that she’s in the midst of a big North American tour with a stop here in Toronto on August 9th at the Phoenix.

Joining Lita for this show will be local darlings Diemonds; giving diehard fans a chance to take in a killer show in the making. Of course HMS will be there front and center to review the show and even better we have been granted an interview with the great guitarist. Please check back in a few weeks for updates regarding the interview, and I’m gonna go on record and say I am so stoked to interview her!

Well that’s it for now… as always keep those fists pumping and keep it bloody!

Kenneth Gallant, Editor-in-Chief HMS - July 22, 2015

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