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I wonder what the sounds of reinvention would come across to those reading this editorial. I mean for the past few weeks, we've been scheming, planning and well practically reinventing the HMS homepage. It's time for a facelift; a fresh coat of paint so to speak - and much of the redesign goes to our chief visual chronicler Rich Leggatt.

He's been working like a fiend, coming up with the splendid visuals you will see gracing our content headers. We've certainly pushed ahead with a more aggressive and illustrative look, and as I sit here putting down words to describe the process, I've got the electric sounds of Chuck Berry's "Rock'n'Roll Music" blaring from my stereo. I mean chuck Berry is a true pioneer on the electric guitar and perhaps this is the right choice here to describe the reinvention I am taking about. Hell, Chuck is a rhythm and blues demon; utilizing guitar solos and showmanship to become a major influence on the rock genre as a whole.

So you might be wondering what I am getting at here with the Chuck Berry comparison - well let's just say HMS is striving to become leaders in the fledgling horror/metal/webzine industry and this new redesign is making a profound visual statement. We're here to stay and in the immortal words of Chuck...go Johnny go...

As always, keep those fists pumping and keep it bloody!

Kenneth Gallant, Editor-in-Chief HMS - April 29, 2016

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