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Ash vs Evil Dead
Review of Episode 5: The Host
Directed by: David Frazee

Air date: 11/29/15

Editor’s Note: P.J.'s Ash vs Evil Dead reviews are done on a weekly basis and are for watchers of the show. Therefore, it's worth mentioning that there will be spoilers and heavy speculation in all of the reviews. For those of you, who wish to not be spoiled, please stop reading.

The Deadites are not at work and therefore so is Ash Williams and his friends. When we last left, Ash was knocked cold by Pablo, who was unfortunately under a very serious misunderstanding of who was the dangerous one. Ash had been choking Kelly, but not really her. She had been overtaken by the baddie that Ash had summoned for questioning and when we start The Host things aren't looking good for Ash. Ash has been tied and gagged and Deadite Kelly is able to completely appear as a normal human. Fake Kelly explains to the others that Ash has been overtaken and the gag keeps Ash from getting his desired profanity-laden retort across. It's a humorous scene that also spells trouble as Ash is about to be the victim of a misdirected exorcism.

The Deadite using Kelly as a host not only has the ability to have her act normal, but also seems to know her thoughts. Pablo's interest in Kelly, something he's never actually told her, is picked up by the Deadite and used to try to get Pablo on its side. Or, at least, to get Pablo to blow his brains out while trying to seduce him with smoking weed out of a shotgun that “she” swears isn't loaded. This concept serves as the overall center of the episode and the way things play out are very satisfying.

In the background, we have several more scenes showing Ruby and Amanda (Officer Fisher) officially teamed up. Amanda is still trying to make reasonable sense of it all while Ruby is trying to explain that in this particular situation, such endeavors are best given up on. Ash's severed hand is still in the mix but, as of now, isn't offering much help. Regardless, Ruby and Amanda are both sold on Ash being the root of all the evil, and this misunderstanding has united them. Trouble is brewing between them and Ash. The only problem is, Ash and company have no idea the Deadites aren't their only concern.

This is really Pablo's episode in a lot of ways. It's a sad one for him for several reasons. First he is faced with the knowledge that Kelly finally suggesting they be together in the way he's been wanting wasn't really coming from Kelly at all and instead was merely the demon's way of manipulating him. Then he has to deal with the death of his Brujo uncle. The two hadn't been on great terms before, but there was reconciliation at play that was cut unfortunately short for Pablo. However, this isn't about Pablo understandably becoming a sad sack; this is where Pablo steps up. After finding out that Kelly being used as a host most likely means a painful death he tries to get the evil being to possess him instead. This is not an act that will lead to he and Kelly being together, it's played in such a way that I truly think he would do the same for Ash in the same position. Regardless of his other feelings, Pablo sees both Kelly and Ash as his family and although he is the most naive and gentle of the characters, he is proving to be quite brave.


This episode follows the show's current tradition of being a whole lot of fun. The segment at the end with Ash figuring out how to take down the Deadite he summoned was fantastic and shows why Ash is the best at what he does. The death of Pablo's uncle adds another in the collection of folks taken down while getting involved in Ash and his friends. While technically it's their fault in the sense that they brought the danger to the dispatched family members/friends, the group is truly trying to do the right thing and it's all about keeping the Deadites from spreading. Ash and crew can't help but use those who can aid them which mean putting people in harm’s way. More than anything it goes to show how specific the beings are to have Ash. He is their primary target and he knows it. While Ash is no stranger to loss and willing to take out someone who is taken over, he seems genuinely reluctant to kill Kelly when he has the chance, hoping she can be turned back to normal. Luckily this happens and we are left knowing that Ash is on board with doing what he needs to do but really does care about his friends at the same time.

Once again, the show hits this newest episode out of the park and masterfully continues the adventure. The new promo for Episode 6 entitled The Killer of Killers shows off some badass action as well as hints that we may be heading further into the origins of the entire series. Will the cabin from the first movie become a factor? It's looking that way and I can't wait. The new promo also shows Amanda Fisher once again coming for Ash when some sinister stuff goes down. Does this mean she will finally believe Ash and find out that they are all in this together? Or will it become further proof for her that Ash is trouble? Either way, I don't see Ruby being easily swayed so we'll just have to see where things go with her. The Host also ends with Ash getting a new mechanical hand made for him by Pablo and Kelly. It'll be fun to see how that is put to use.

The promo for The Killer of Killers is below. Check it out and hail to the King, baby!

P.J. Griffin, HMS

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