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Ash vs Evil Dead
Review of Season 2 Episode 1: Home
Directed by: Rick Jacobson

Editor’s Note: Ash vs Evil Dead reviews are done on a weekly basis and are for watchers of the show. Therefore, it's worth mentioning that there will be spoilers and heavy speculation in all of the reviews. For those of you, who wish to not be spoiled, please stop reading.

Well friends, another season of Ash vs Evil Dead is coming at us and that is something to be thankful for. The official air date for episode one of season two is October 1st, but Starz was kind enough to make the season opener available online for free a few days early. I checked it out right away and am now more excited than ever for the new episodes coming our way.

Season two, episode one, titled Home matches everything wonderful about the first season beautifully. We start with Ruby and the book and things aren't looking good for her. Her children have turned against her and that isn't going to bode well for the rest of earth. Ash and his fellow Ghost Beaters are hanging out in Jacksonville Florida, Ash's, “Ash's desired location”. Ash is having the time of his life, finally where he wants to be and put at ease by the truce that he still believes to be in effect. He seems overjoyed to be using his chainsaw hand for party tricks rather than extracting Deadite goo and having to fight for his life at every turn.

Pablo seems happy enough to be settled in but Kelly is less enthused. First off, she's annoyed by having to be around wild party antics all the time but it's possible there's a deeper layer. I think the fact that after the Deadites caused personal tragedy for Kelly and ruined her current life, revenge has been her fuel. Now, without any baddies to shoot in the face, life has maybe slowed a little too much for her. This isn't a long-term problem however, as it because quickly clear that the truce is off and the world is still in danger. I've always felt that the way season one got to the point right away was a good fit for the show and was pleased to see season two get off to a jumping start as well. The attack that ensues pretty soon after the opening title screen reminds us all of the awesome bloodletting that this show is capable of gracing us with.


Once Ash realizes that bad stuff is going down again he knows he must find Ruby. This leads him back to Michigan, his hometown. I found this element of the episode especially interesting, getting more into the head of Ash and what he's gone through, other than what we've seen. Lee Majors does a wonderful job as Ash's father. The two of them clearly don't get along and Ash seems genuinely hurt that his father never came to his defense. Turns out a lot of the locals still think of Ash as some lunatic who just snapped and killed all his friends; even giving him the nickname Ashy Slashy. Luckily this speculation didn't materialize into anything serious for Ash (law and order wise), but it did leave him constantly accused and taunted until he left town. This seems to be the main thing his father Brock holds against him.

When Ash and crew finally catch up with Ruby it becomes clear that she's just as freaked out as they are. You never can be sure with Ruby but judging by the beginning when she was alone and unable to control her “children” it seems like she may legitimately be on Ash's side this time around. Pablo is more susceptible to being overtaken and taunted by the depths of the dark world of the Deadites and is the character to watch for hints of what may be lurking unseen to the others. Kelly is as awesome as ever and it was fun to see her have a fight with an Evil Kelly.

By the end of the episode it appears that Ruby and Ash won't be at each other’s throats for the moment and plenty more hell is about to break loose. Overall, I was completely satisfied with the episode and it made clear that fact that this season is being handled with the same flair as the first. Several seeds were laid and there seems to be plenty of material to get into down the road. I see a good chunk of this having to do with Ash's hometown and the people he left behind but only time will tell.

There's nothing to fear because Ash is here and he's brought all the talented folks with him to save the day and continue a great show. Enjoy the season two promo below and get your chainsaws revving!

P.J. Griffin, HMS

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