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Ash vs Evil Dead
Review of Season 2 Episode 2: The Morgue
Directed by: Tony Tilse

Editor’s Note: Ash vs Evil Dead reviews are done on a weekly basis and are for watchers of the show. Therefore, it's worth mentioning that there will be spoilers and heavy speculation in all of the reviews. For those of you, who wish to not be spoiled, please stop reading.

The second episode of Ash vs. Evil Dead has been gifted to us and it's clearer than ever that this is going to be one blast of a season. We get right into the action with Ash's father Brock once again being visited by his son and the crew. They're still at each other’s throats but don't really have too much time to get into it as Ash is on a mission. As Ash strolls through his childhood home, he is haunted by the horrors of his past.

According to Ruby, the Necronomicon has been hidden in a corpse, as the smell of dead flesh masks the scent from the Deadites. This makes the group's next destination the morgue. Pablo and Kelly both voice distrust for Ruby and warn against believing anything she says. Ash agrees but knows that they don't have much of a chance other than checking out what she says. Pablo talks Ash and Kelly into leaving him with Ruby alone with a well-intended knife so that he can get some real answers.

The autopsy scenes at the morgue add some great grounded gore and once Ash and Kelly arrive, the fun really begins. Ash making use of a chainsaw to search a room full of bodies adds some classic Evil Dead style blood-humor but what's to come amps things up a ton. Once he finds the book he finds that the corpse containing the book, more specifically its intestines, won't be giving up the book without a fight. Bruce Campbell shines as his skill of physical comedy has always been evident; especially in regards to humor deriving from the situation he finds himself in is a major forte of his. The overall scene is, to put it simply, ridiculously awesome.

The cop with the personal vendetta against Ash making a second appearance certainly opens up some possibilities. Kelly takes him out of commission at the morgue and keeps him from arresting her and Ash, but he's still very much alive; which means that he may be the next human antagonist to face the crew. It's possible that, as with Amanda Fisher last season, this new cop figure will figure out what's really going on and he may find himself trying to help them as Fisher did. Either way, I wouldn't necessarily assume we'll be seeing this particular character lasting to the end of the series full run. Besides he knows Ash from way back so he has a specific hatred of our chainsaw handed friend. And not just for a single misunderstanding.


Pablo's real intentions in regards to guarding Ruby turn out to be personal. Ever since getting the book on his face he's been dealing with problems the others haven't. He gets overtaken; plagued in a unique fashion and he sure as hell wants answers. Ruby is concerned by this as well, as the book usually doesn't attach itself to someone in such a way. So it's possible that Pablo will be seeing plenty more trouble all his own down the line. At the moment, Ruby seems to be genuinely on the same side as our protagonists but you never quite know with her.

Ash was mortified to see a past conquest of his becoming his dad's latest “Friend”. However, she turns out to be a Deadite leading to an awesome battle with Ruby. Brock is a casual observer at this point but we may end up seeing him kicking ass right along with the rest sometime soon. Ruby now believes that her “children” are out to resurrect their “father” and so we should be seeing a new sinister force soon. Ash successfully retrieved the book but after pissing off a couple of kids, his car has been stolen along with the flesh bound Necronomicon. I have a feeling the offending youngsters won’t be lasting very long with the unknown evil they now possess.

There's a lot of bloody greatness coming out way and I am totally down for whatever the show wants to throw my way. Check out the promo for The Morgue below. Keep it groovy, friends!

P.J. Griffin, HMS

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