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Late Night Double Feature

LNDF is a gruesome melange of ideas, forged from the mind of writer/producer Kelly Michael Stewart. Billed as a horror film anthology, the concept is homage to classic late night television productions like ‘Elvira’ and other 80’s cable shows that no longer exist.

This approach is built around a late night TV show called Dr. Nasty’s Cavalcade of Horror – where the down and out station finds the cast and crew dealing with some strange and unexpected antics. Not to mention a deranged killer lurking about to raise the stakes tenfold.

The anthology also delivers two features condensed down into ‘30 minute chunks’ to help forge that film-within-a-film narrative, but also helping to bridge a solid foundation to comprise the intriguing concept of LNDF. Up and coming film makers Zach Ramelan and Torin Langen were tapped to direct “Dinner for Monsters” and “Slit”, while Navan Ramaswaran handles the Dr. Nasty segment.

There are even a bevy of fake commercials and trailers thrown in to help ‘pepper’ the outlandishness of the concept, so LNDF promises to be a fun experience for the viewer. The film did already have its world premiere this past November at the New York City Horror Film Festival, but on March 26th, at the Royal Cinema here in Toronto, the film will make its Canadian Premiere.


Obviously this will be a sweet moment for Kelly Michael Stewart, given how the budding writer/producer began showing horror films with his popular monthly series “Fright Nights at the Projection Booth” and ultimately evolved that into “The Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival.” He’s now ready for new challenges on a bigger and grander scale and what better of an opportunity to unveil Late Night Double Feature.

For those of you in Toronto, you can catch the Canadian premiere of LNDF at the Royal Cinema on March 26th. Please reserve your tickets now, as this will definitely be a sell-out.

Kenneth Gallant, HMS

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