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Scream Queens
Review of Episode 6:
Seven Minutes in Hell
Directed by: Michael Uppendahl

Air date: 10/20/15

Editor’s Note: Stevie’s Scream Queens reviews are done on a weekly basis and are for watchers of the show, therefore it’s worth mentioning that there will be spoilers and heavy speculation in all of the reviews. For those of you who wish to not be spoiled, please stop reading.

There’s nothing like a change up for an intro. On this last episode of Scream Queens not only does the show avoid immediately diving into girl-drama, but we also get treated to “I Can’t Wait” by Nu Shooz while the girls of KKT take turns voting for their next house president. As you can imagine, there’s a tie because Chanel planned it that way in order to take the killer’s attention off of herself and put it on Zayday.

To celebrate Zayday’s victory, and also try and uncover who might be connected to the killer, Zayday and Grace plan a slumber party. Word gets out and Chad and his fellow Dickie Dollar Scholars decide to crash the party at KKT. A little while later, once the party begins, the girls find out that they’re locked in the house, meaning the killer must already be inside. When the guys finally show up, they break the upstairs window and get inside just as the killer shows up. The poor dude who got his arms chopped off a few episodes ago finally gets the axe—literally—since he has no arms and can’t climb the ladder. I know it’s probably in poor taste, but I found this wildly amusing.

Back inside, a game of Truth or Dare commences and Chanel #3’s deepest darkest secret is revealed by Sam. (For those of you who can’t remember, #3’s father is Charles Manson.) #3 is livid and forces Sam to go down to the KKT basement alone and lay in the secret bathtub as punishment. We know how this story ends… while everyone else parties to Chumbawumba (I know, I was just as bewildered), the Red Devil shows up with the intention of murdering Sam. Before she dies though, Sam demands that the killer reveal himself. He (or she) does and Sam exclaims, “I knew it was you!”

At this point in the show, there’s a B-Movie horror plotline that kind of takes place. While Chanel and Chad work the details of their bizarre relationship out, the Red Devil is murdering people, and I think there are quite a few things going on at once that makes this plotline work so well. You have Hester discovering Sam’s body in the bathtub and the girls blaming her, and at the same time, Chanel #5 and her boyfriend are being attacked upstairs by the killer with a nail gun. It’s moments and scenes like these that make me appreciate Scream Queens for what it is; I just wish the show would stay consistent.

Once everyone’s done freaking out and blaming one another, Chad finally reveals that back when the Dickie Dollar Scholars were attacked in the street, there were two Red Devils. Sigh, it’s about damn time you told someone, Chad!

Apparently the KKT house has a trap door, so this must have been how the killers were able to come and go while everyone else was locked in the house. Zayday and Chanel, as the KKT co-presidents, decide that they will be the ones to take the tunnels to the street and seek out help. Surprise, surprise! The Red Devil shows up, dual-wielding axes. Quite impressive, I must say. Zayday is nearly killed but in an unexpected act of selflessness, Chanel saves her by knocking out the Red Devil. Of course neither girl pulls off his mask to find out who the hell he is, but if that happened, it wouldn’t be a silly horror show about dumb college kids, now would it?


The following day, police are crawling all over KKT and Dean Munsch is having a field day when she realizes that the killers truly are targeting KKT and anyone associated with them. This means that she can assure the rest of the students and their parents that as long as the kids keep away from Kappa, they’ll be safe. Grace’s father begs her to leave school but her and the girls know what needs to be done, they need to stick together and find out who the killer is. (It’s beyond me why the cops suck so bad that a couple of sorority girls are trying harder to solve a murder than they are.) As the episode ends, the girls decide to throw a dance party, and the Red Devil watches through the window.

This episode has been my favorite so far. The bullshit college drama and bickering were kept to a minimum, and even Chad wasn’t as annoying as he usually is. In fact, I think if the frat guys weren’t in the KKT house and the episode had focused solely on the girls that it would have been horrible. The plotline thickened when we realized that Sam obviously was acquainted with the killer, and this leads me to believe that it’s one of the KKT girls or Dean Munsch. Also, new alliances are formed as the minions (#3 and #5) make a pact to stick together, promising one another that they will do whatever it takes to make sure that they outlive Chanel. I have a feeling that Chanel might not make it out alive this season considering how many people despise her… but then again, the less friends Chanel has to worry about, the more she can focus on saving herself.

Scream Queens takes a break next week and returns November 3rd. If we can go by the trailer for episode 7, then we will definitely be finding out more regarding Gigi and the killers and it looks like the girls of KKT will be attending another funeral in the very near future. Check out the trailer for “Beware of Young Girls” here:

Stevie Kopas, HMS

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