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Scream Queens
Review of Episode 8:
Mommie Dearest
Directed by: Michael Uppendahl

Air date: 11/10/2015

Editor’s Note: Stevie’s Scream Queens reviews are done on a weekly basis and are for watchers of the show, therefore it’s worth mentioning that there will be spoilers and heavy speculation in all of the reviews. For those of you who wish to not be spoiled, please stop reading.

Appropriately named “Mommie Dearest”, this latest episode brings to light several things in the Scream Queens plotline. Not only does the story seem to progress, but it’s a vast improvement from last week, and thank goodness, because as I previously expressed, episode 7 was just downright terrible.

Episode 8 begins with a nice nod to Psycho as soon after Dean Munsch refuses to tell Grace anything about the bathtub baby (or the girl who died) she’s attacked in the shower. Luckily the Dean is a trained fighter and whoops some Red Devil ass. But here’s the catch, three killers showed up at her place, the two devils and someone (who we find out later is Gigi) with a Justice Scalia mask on. The scene is altogether quite amusing. Dean Munsch ends up realizing that these bastards need to be dealt with and she gives Grace the name of the woman who died in the bathtub. It’s almost as if Grace is disappointed to learn that she is not the bathtub baby. “Mommie Issues” for real, am I right?

Grace and Pete put their heads together to figure out where that baby went, and Pete thinks they’ve got to figure out who the Hag on Shady Lane is in order to find out the true identity of the baby. They revisit the mental hospital where Dean Munsch was staying and ask one of the older patients who gives them a portrait. Surprise surprise! It’s Gigi! But here’s the real kicker: there are two babies in the painting with Gigi, not one. When Grace confronts her about it, Gigi turns it around, basically blaming Grace’s mommy issues for trying to tear Gigi and her father apart.

In KKT world, Security Guard Denise has moved in to the house in order to better be able to keep the girls safe. Chanel #3 offers Denise an ass-ton of money to compile evidence against Zayday and Grace to prove that they’re the killers, but they end up not finding anything. In the meantime, weird candle girl gets murdered in her room while recording a YouTube candle review. (I don’t even know this girl’s name so her death really had no impact on me.) The way the body is portrayed though was super cool. The killer put her on display with all of her candles strategically placed so that the wax was pretty much swallowing her up. Super fun!

Chanel receives a folder with information about Grace’s mother that she thinks can prove Grace is the killer. It turns out that Grace’s dad has been lying all these years about her mother dying in a fire. Grace’s mom was a nasty alcoholic with a criminal record who died while drinking and driving; can you blame her dad for hiding the truth? Chanel confronts Grace and says some seriously hurtful things to her about her mom, not realizing that she’s struck a nerve. Ya know, because she’s a nasty bitch and all. Denise overhears this and is like “hell no, bitch.” She explains to Chanel one very important rule: you can’t talk about anybody else’s mother, no matter how how horrible they are.

Chanel decides to apologize to Grace, telling her about how awful her own mother was. They all apparently have mommy issues and they decide to make amends… for now.


At the end of the episode, we finally see Boone working out at the gym wearing an awful fake beard as a disguise. The other exercisers think he’s “Crazy Joaquin Phoenix” and that’s pretty great. He’s on the phone and he’s talking to the other killer. They’re discussing how they need to get rid of Gigi because they feel like she’s hurting their operation. (It’s during this phone call that we’re flat out told Gigi was the one wearing the Justice Scalia mask.)

Things are coming together. I didn’t ever think about the fact that there could have been two babies born in the bathtub that fateful night in 1995. Two babies, two killers… you following? Since Gigi is obviously involved and was painted with the twins in the mental institution, I can’t help but think that Boone is one of the babies, and yep, we’ll find out soon enough who that other baby/killer is. With Gigi sinking her claws deeper and deeper into Grace’s dad, I also can’t help but think that there’s some sort of resentment she’s had bottled up all these years. She did know Grace’s mom and dad back when they were in college. Maybe she’s been in love with Wes all these years and hates Grace because she’s the daughter of the wicked former KKT President. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that after 8 episodes I finally know what Grace’s dad’s name is, ha!

Next week it looks like people are about to find out that Boone faked his death, and they don’t seem to think it was very cute. It also looks like Gigi might get cut loose while Chad seems to think Chanel is the killer (doubtful). Hester is pregnant? I hope not, because the world doesn’t need any offspring of her’s. Check out the trailer for episode 9, “Ghost Stories”, here:

Stevie Kopas, HMS

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