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HMS Music Spotlight

“Metal is as metal does,” that’s what my momma always told me. Forged back in the late 1970’s and going strong today, Canada’s own power trio, Anvil, is still heavy and catchy. Put their new record on repeat.

The trio is made up of Lips Kudlow ripping on guitar and gritty vocals, Rob Reiner, pounding the toms, and Chris Robertson holding down the bottom end. Anvil’s been heavy, but this album is like the weight of ten!

The first song sets sail on the high seas with a bunch of scurvy swabs in the swashbuckling tale of “Daggers and Rum,” so grab a pint and a friend because we’ve only just begun! “Up Down Sideways” and “Gun Control” are full of catchy rhythms that get your fingers snapping, toes tapping, and head banging! “Die for a Lie” is about that whole “killing in the name of god” thing like Megadeth’s “Holy Wars,” and is just as vicious musically. “Runaway Train” sticks to your ribs with its ultra catchy beat and out of control feeling as it jumps off the rails. The chaos continues with the undead tones of “Zombie Apocalypse” and metal madness of “It’s Your Move.” Each track gets better and better as these veteran masters of metal attack with pounding force. “Ambushed” and “Fire on the Highway” keep things moving at break-neck speeds, and “Run like Hell” and “Forgive Don’t Forget” shows zero signs of slowing down. Reinforcing everything you’ve heard, “Never Gonna Stop” puts spring into your slam dance and leaves you humming your favorite riffs.

Anvil is Anvil
(SPV GmbH)
Written by: Tim Duran
9 out of 10

Like Sweden and Germany, Canada has always birthed bands that have power and moxie. Over the years Anvil has always played what they wanted, how they wanted, and didn’t care if you liked it or not. On the downside, I felt like the first song was written after listening to a bunch of Alestorm tunes. Other than that, Anvil delivers the raw metal we’ve loved for years. I give Anvil’s Anvil is Anvil a 9.

Tim Duran, HMS

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