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HMS Music Spotlight

2010 marks the birth of a band that melds death, doom, and groove metal together to give a Cannibal Corpse/Sepultura sound. Warcrab delivers vicious guitars, gut pounding rhythms, and vocals that will rip your throat out so put on a helmet as we go sifting through the Ashes of Carnage. This, their second record is a well oiled wrecking machine.

Listening to “In This Iron Tomb”, I picture the room from the first SAW movie with the dead guy on the floor. Then reality kicks in with the opening riffs and the nightmare is no dream. The chord choices are a bit sharper than the intro’s dark mood, but when the vocals kick in it grows to pitch black. Insanity and mayhem run rampantly out of control as the brutality shows no sign of slowing. Thrashing like mad men, they continue to bring the hammer down on the tunes “Lay All to Waste” and “Scourge of Usurpers”. The drumming is near grind core in the double kick action and everyone follows the beat of this drummer. “Entombed in Flames” gives you the feeling of being embalmed by ancient Egyptians, and they’re not waiting until you’re dead! The vocals are extra extreme. The title track, “Ashes of Carnage”, fits the name as it puts you through the shredder and scatters your remains like a crazed zombie.

Ashes of Carnage
(Contagion Records)
Written by: Tim Duran
10 out of 10

Downside of this record is that there is some repetition, but not a lot. Warcrab keeps the music fresh with each tune. Upside is the intense songwriting and the sheer onslaught that ensues upon popping this disc in. I give Warcrab a whopping 10 for reaching the pinnacle of gore metal with Ashes of Carnage.

Check them out here and get the record while you’re there!

Tim Duran, HMS

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