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HMS Music Spotlight

Last year, I had the pleasure listening to and reviewing Firesoul by Brainstorm, the ferocious five fellows from Germany. Here I sit again in my hot seat, at the ready and guarded so the bruises won’t be many.

Right away with the first song, “The World to See”, I am sent into the depths of the music and am bombarded with the vigorous rhythms I have grown to love by this band. The vibe is darker for this record, as the title of the album would demand. “How Much Can You Take”, shuffles between operatic metal and progressive. “We Are”, and “Where Angels Dream”, are two more examples of how a metal song should sound. The lyrical content is fairly complex, fluctuating between fact and fiction. It creates a feeling of being thrown down a pit, like in Alice in Wonderland. The title track only intensifies this feeling, forcing you to visualize the words.

Enter “Twisted Ways”, as it winds its way around your thoughts, continuing to brow beat with a heavy breakdown just before the dual guitars take lead. “By the Blackness”, and “Scars in Your Eyes”, are as fierce and heavy as is the frantic, “Take Me to the Never”. The record ends on a mid-tempo note, but without taking anything away from the heaviness. “Sky Among the Clouds”, breaks the whirlwind of mental instability and sets you down to complete the story.

Scary Creatures
(AFM Records)
Written by: Tim Duran
9 out of 10

Strong vocals by Andy B. Franck, a tight pocket rhythm section enforced by Antonio Leva on bass and Dieter Bernert on drums, and extreme soloing done by Torsten Ihlenfeld and Milan Loncaric make for a very passionate record. Don’t get me wrong, this album is far from fluffy and happy bunnies bouncing along the countryside; but the passion is harsh, heavy, and harrowing.

For me, there is no real downside to this record only that it’s only 10 songs deep and two or three songs kind of sound the same. Rather, the upside is the songwriting, the solos, the mix, and the last song. I don’t know if this was an intentionally a “concept album”, but all the songs go together as if it were.

Brainstorm gets a 9 for their vision for Scary Creatures.

Tim Duran, HMS

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