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Demon Boy
World Premiere: Day 2
Fly on the Wall (Video)

You have to love a guy who devotes his entire being to the creepy and downright horrific. But for those of you who don’t know, I am taking about the human dynamo of shock rock – the one and only Demon Boy!

Demon Boy’s been all over the place promoting the most exciting horror-rock show on the planet! He’s got a devious cadre of performers helping to bring the live production to fiends and fans alike. The backing band consists of Chris Cyanide on bass, Lightning Lou on drums and the Axecutioner of dark sounds on guitar. He’s even got a mascot called Skully who dances around their live shows and mixes it up with Psycho Amaris – the Fire Vixen Dancer! What’s not to like with a bat-shit crazy show like this???

Well putting all that fanfare aside, HMS is proud to be hand-picked by the man himself, to get exclusive rights to premiere his amazing new video called Fly on the Wall. This is a horror-rock inspired cover from a song originally done by Miley Cyrus! I kid you not…the one and only Hannah Montana!

The video is creepy as hell and it’s filled with flesh eating zombies hidden deep within the grimy, blood soaked walls of what looks to be a prison. Then there’s Demon Boy strutting about and impaling the zombies causing the blood to splatter everywhere! It just becomes a big free-for-all by the time you get to the end of the video.

Demon Boy has really out-done himself this time around!

In addition to this killer new video, the band is slated for shows in Merry ‘Ole England and will be at the Bram Stoker International Film Festival on Oct 26th to the 31st. Like I said, Demon is everywhere these days!

You can check out the links provided on the band below:

Kenneth Gallant, HMS

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