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Hailing from Copenhagen, and no stranger to our webpages, Forever Still explode into 2016 with the imminent release of their first album Tied Down. Throughout 2015 Forever Still had released a succession of EPs. After the release of their third EP late last year, they combined the three EPs (with the addition of an older single: “Your Light”) to form their first full-length album.

As an album, Tied Down flows beautifully from one track into the next. Forever Still possess an unmistakable sound, and I’ve always thought that their brand of melodic rock stood out from the gothic/Lilith fare that they were once lumped into. So much passion, expertise and attention to detail have been poured into each of the ten tracks, that I really can’t find fault with any of them.

Of course there are songs that I gravitate to. “Scars” is definitely the heaviest and grittiest of the lot with “Breathe In” following closely behind. They both showcase the gamut of Forever Still’s arsenal – from Maja Schønning’s impressive vocal range, including those primal screams which I love, to Mikkel Haastrup’s masterful arrangements, musicianship and top-notch production quality. But when listening to the album as a whole, the unique flavour of each track begins to emerge. Be it the moodiness of “Once Upon A Nightmare” or the almost faerie tale feeling of wonder I hear in their power ballad “Miss Madness”, each number has a uniqueness amongst their overarching similarities.

Their current single “Break The Glass” has an edgy tension highlighting it’s bouncy rhythm which I quite like. I look forward to the video! “Tied Down” has a very metal guitar riff that gives in to a soft opening verse, complete with angelic vocals from Maja. A prominent part of Forever Still’s songwriting style. The inclusion of “Your Light”, a track which they had written several years prior, is surprisingly not out of place amongst the more recent material. Even it’s lyrical content fits seamlessly into the mix. There’s a definite journey depicted in this angst filled album, and the message becomes all the more clear each time I listen to it.

Forever Still
Tied Down
Written by: Richard Leggatt
9.5 out of 10

Forever Still's musical focus has always been on Maja's incredible voice – and that's completely warranted of course. But I'm thrilled to hear the guitars cut loose a little throughout "Awake The Fire" and towards the end of "Miss Madness". This wasn't something that happened on their previous release Breaking Free despite the outstanding songwriting and arrangement on that EP. In recent years guitarist Dennis Post has joined the ensemble, so I'm assuming that some of that virtuosity is attributed to his presence in the lineup. I'm hoping to hear more of that in Forever Still's music going forward.

Forever Still always deliver on the quality of their recorded material. So much so that they seem to hold back on the amount of material they release. Being the ultimate DIY band, they beg the question ‘Why do we need record labels?’ or at the very least ‘What does a label offer that a band can’t do themselves?’ Seemingly with the right PR representation or manager they could reach their target audience through touring. The rest (recording, videos, album art, merchandise and distribution) they seem to have covered quite well on their own.

I look forward to seeing what the new year will bring for this talented young band. We’re closing in on the two year anniversary since I first interviewed Forever Still for HMS, and I’m hoping to commemorate that with a follow-up interview with Maja on the latest exciting news and updates from Forever Still. For now you can pre-order Tied Down here.

Richard Leggatt, HMS

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