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HMS Music Spotlight

We have a treat for everyone this month with our latest HMS music spotlight. My good friend Kim Layman who runs the Art of Horror page on Facebook has written this review of the latest release from Ghost. Obviously, this is Kim’s favorite band and she has graciously broken down every track for us.

For those of you following the band, the group are now guided by a new singer – Papa Emeritus III – the younger brother of Papa E II. With a new singer in tow, the Nameless Ghouls are said to be gearing towards greater heights and their latest release Meliora – is a testament to that statement. So please read on... take it away Kim!

This is easily my favorite Ghost album and definitely my favorite album of the year. Each track on this album, is killer; no fillers here. Starting with track one:

(1). Spirit - From the beginning it just draws you in, as you sit back and listen you, know you are in for one hell of a ride. That riff, oh my, just gets you pumped up. And I think this track sets the tone for the album.

(2). From the Pinnacle to the Pit - One of my favorites, the bass is phenomenal! The chorus has such a great hook. They have also released a video for this song. Also check out The Deezer Session that the band did a few weeks ago; great performance. Track is so great performed live as well. Really love the lyrics for this track as well.

(3). Cirice - my favorite track on the album, well I have quite a few favorite tracks on this album. They have also released an amazing video for the track also. The opening guitar riff has the feel of Black Sabbath, of the same song as of the band. If I were to introduce someone to the band, this is the song that I would start with; along with the video as well.

(4). Spoksonat - One of the shortest tracks on the album, but it is so beautiful, full of many intricate chords that you will want to play over and over. It is an instrumental track, you will love it.

(5). He Is - A ballad, and has some of the best vocals that the band has recorded. Great melody, and the lyrics are haunting and beautiful.

(6). Mummy Dust - Another top track! You just want to play this song loud as possible, great riffs and lyrics. Love his vocal style on this track. It’s hard to put into words how great this song is, just one listen and you know exactly how I feel about how great this track is.

(Loma Vista)
Written by: Kim Layman
11 out of 10

(7). Majesty - Absolutely love the guitar riff. And the bass on this track really stands out as well, plus the vocals are perfect; another top track that you will love as well.

(8). Devil Church - An instrumental, powerful track as well, feeling well, like a hymn and a short track as well. It creates another build for the next track. I like how it blends so with it.

(9). Absolution - Ah!! How I love this track as well. Another top track that you will have on repeat; great lyrics as well. Great guitar riffs and bass, that you are going to want and blast as loud as you possibly can. This track has my favorite guitar solo as well.

(10). Deus In Absentia - Has the feel of old Blue Oyster Cult, that 70’s feel, but present feel as well; great lyrics as well. Just an incredible blend of influences, from Black Sabbath.

For fans of Lamb of God, The Absence and Arsis.

Ghost is my favorite band, and after you listen to this album, they will at least be one of your favorite bands too. This will be the best album you buy this year. I hope to see them on tour. Check out their YouTube channel as well as the fantastic Deezer Session!

Kim Layman, HMS

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