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HMS Music Spotlight

Powerfully wicked is the phrase that sums up the band Huntress. Their new album Static is haunting and paralyzing. In a recent interview with Jill Janus, the vocalist, she stated that most of the songs on this album hold more personal feelings as to what she has been battling with. As a result, the lyrical content of the band’s third release puts you in Janus’ head flooding you with her emotions that intensify through each song.

“Sorrow” and “Flesh,” kick off this high energy trip on the road to madness. The lyrics pull you in while the music entraps you. The fiery solos and flawless vocalizing are just two elements that keep you glued to your headphones. “Brian,” starts off a bit mellow in the beginning and gradually speeds up, but there’s nothing that takes away the heavy hearted feeling this song leaves you with. Next, is the nightmarish tune “I Want to Wanna Wake Up, a story into Janus’ past that feels the sheer terror of claustrophobia.

The mood goes dark and casts a shadow in the song aptly titled, “Mania.” It swings from a slow mid tempo to a faster beat. It’s a musical see-saw ride; the lyrics get under your skin. Shifting back to the speed metal course, “Four Blood Moons” and the ultra fast “Static,” penetrate every pore in your being causing you lose control. “Harsh Times on Planet Stoked,” reminds me of the spooky songwriting of Savatage’s earlier years, before they became more operatic. The thicker tones and powerful attack lead into “Noble Savage,” which humbly rips and shreds anything that gets in its way. The last 60 seconds of this song keeps driving toward a cliff and until it drops you off.

(Naplam Records)
Written by: Tim Duran
9 out of 10

Ending this magical trip through fantasy and reality is the rapid “Fire in My Heart.” Janus’ angry voice kicks into gear for this punchy little ditty, heavy riffing and a deafening groove slap you till you’re senseless. It’s the perfect song to wrap this record up in a dark black box with golden inlays.

Downside; every song accelerates so violently that it’s over before you know it. Upside; you can replay and relive the madness within Static. Huntress has a heavy, haunting sound driven by thunderous drums. The vocals are flawless and Janus can be soothing while screaming bloody murder. The guitars and the solos strike with venomous angst and the rhythm section is wound so tight it could snap at any time. I give this exercise in evil a 9.

Tim Duran, HMS

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