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Jim Breuer / Rich Aronovitch
Southpoint Casino, Las Vegas 9/5/14

Tonight my daughter and I went to see the master of mirth, mayhem and heavy metal comedy -Mr. Jim Breuer. You probably know him as the Goat Boy from Saturday Night Live (circa '95-98) or as the stoner dude from the movie Half Baked. If you still don't know, check out a disc from Netflix, "Let's Clear the Air" or bang Youtube for some funny clips.

Anyhow, the night starts off with funny guy, Rich Aronovitch (say that three times real fast). His style left my daughter in stitches. She's only 17, but we watch a lot of old shows from the 1980's and 1970's. Rich spoke on looking like Horshack from Welcome Back, Kotter (I know you're sayin’ who?) But my kid knew who he was talkin’ about! That there tells ya that even the young ones can be trained.

Then Rich introduced the man of the hour...Lucky for me, I was wearing my Megadeth shirt. Jim said, first thing - "All right! Megadeth! Representing the metal!"

He then proceeded to make everyone in the room split their sides with laughter (as if we hadn't had time to catch our breath from the first act!). He covered everything from family life, his mom having dementia and her being blind in one eye, the passing of his father to a wild safari with Metallica frontman James Hetfield and their families.

I know this seems a little short compared to other concert reviews I've done, but it's hard to write without a set list. These two comics were both funny, respectful and clean. You don't get much of that in stand-up comedy (or a metal show).

I have been a fan of Jim Breuer for a long time and shared the DVD's with my kid. She thinks he's funny, but she came out a Rich Aronovitch fan (as well). The same thing happened when I took her to see Megadeth with Motorhead. I was there for Deth and she walked out a Motorhead fan! But that's cool, 'cause Lemmy rules!

"These two comics were both funny, respectful and clean. You don't get much of that in stand-up comedy (or a metal show)."

I hope you will take the time to check out Jim and Rich and if it ain’t too late, hope you can catch them on the road. Or just go to Youtube and check out what they have up.

Go to Jim's site and Rich's Facebook page  to keep up with the comedians.

Tim Duran, HMS

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