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HMS Music Spotlight

Give me two tickets to paradise, a rose with a thorn, a final countdown, pump in a bit of steroid injected beef, blend, serve at high frequencies with no regrets, and you will hear the hard rocking metal sound of the UK’s most underrated band, Praying Mantis.

Their new record, Legacy demonstrates the persistence and perseverance that keeps metal bands like this one rolling out and slamming it down on the road. Legacy hits you three ways; heartily, harmoniously, and heavily. They deliver old school style meat and potatoes metal that we older rockers hold dear. Because they’re from the old school (NWOBHM), it sounds like coming home.

The record starts with a bit of hot water-cold water action kicking off with “Fight for Your Honor,” a heavy duty number that hits like a brick. The thick rhythms and keen solo make for a fist pumping good time. The tempo slows with “The One” and picks up the BPM’s a bit in the lovely ballad, “Believable” that’s a bit more punchy. Keeping with the melodic rock atmosphere are the good hard rock ballads “Tokyo” and “Better Man.” Last in the line of mellow songs is a sort of Bad English-meets-Def Leppard tune, “All I See”.

Next, the title “Eyes of a Child” threw me off a bit. I thought it was going to be another mellow tune, but boy was I wrong! It comes in with keyboard chimes and then the tension kicks in. I like the dark tones with uplifting lyrics. “The Runner,” is a speedy little ditty with a keyboard solo that sounds like insects on espresso. “Against the World” has an anthem sound to it. Its big sound, powerful vocal delivery, and a dramatic bridge make this a catchy and relatable song. Then out of the shadows, “Fallen Angel” eases you into madness with a kind, mellow intro and then turns the direction to a heavier tone.

Praying Mantis
(Universal Music)
Written by: Tim Duran
9 out of 10

Ending this rather entertaining venture, “Second Time Around” spins you around with instruments that seem to revolve around the drums instead of the drums simply keeping time. This one was well worth the wait.

Downside for me was the mellow vibe in the beginning. Upside is all the sounds and colors about the music. There’s anger, joy, and drama around every corner, a very well put together record. Every instrument is clear and audible in the mix, I give it a 9. The song, “Second Time Around” gets a 10 all on its own.

Tim Duran, HMS

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