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HMS Music Spotlight

Invading your speakers with rich flowing symphonic sounds, Rhapsody Of Fire’s brand of progressive metal will take you to the Norse wilderness and the green fields of Ireland while entertaining you with a bit of classic opera and a lot of heavy metal. Into the Legend is the 11th offering of this veteran Italian power metal group.

This record, like their others are fantasy novels put to music. Each note creates a picture or scene like those from Lord of the Rings. An operatic vocal choir, a live orchestra, accomplished metal musicians, and a story that turns its own page when the next song starts. What more can make this a more listenable record?

First up is the intro, “In Principio,” that sets the scene for this endeavor. From “Distant Sky” to the title track “Into the Legend” and through “Winter’s Rain,” the anthems rise, the plot thickens, and feelings intensify as to what might happen next. “A Voice in the Cold Wind” takes you on an aerial view of snow covered Irish landscapes, but “Valley of the Shadows” brings you crashing down in the middle of mayhem. “Shining Star” is the quiet rest after all the action has ended, and like all rest it must be interrupted. “Realms of Light” and “Rage of Darkness” are the interruptions.

Rhapsody of Fire
Into the Legend
(AFM Records)
Written by: Tim Duran
9 out of 10

As the story comes to the end, it winds down to the 16 minute climax. This thrilling pinnacle takes everything you just heard and ties it up with big cinematic sounds. From intro to end, this fantasy filled adventure is filled with visions that only your own imagination can show you. It is deep, wide, and profound. The production and the songwriting are mesmerizing, as is the orchestra and the musicians in the band. Fabio Lione’s vocals are incredible; Alex Staropoli’s keyboard playing is smooth with a jagged edge. The jazzy right hand of Roby De Micheli, allows for killer guitar solos. Alessandro Sala fills in the empty spaces with words from his bass while Alex Holzwarth pounds out the percussion. I give the record a 9.

If you like Symphony X and Kamelot, you will like Rhapsody of Fire.

Tim Duran, HMS

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