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Just like how horror and metal congeal well to come up with a unique genre coupling, so does punk and horror. With that obviously being stated, let me then introduce you to Scarecrow's Curse. Hailing from Stephens City, Virginia – the group lead by Ben Vermin on vocals delivers a four song E.P. of greasy, low-fi, punk rock with a horror themed slant.

The E.P. entitled Succubus is self-released by the band and begins with a punch on the title track “Succubus”. The track is short, but provides much energy to get your blood pumping and force you into the mosh pit. Ben’s vocals remind me a bit of local Canadian punk rock legend Hugh Dillion (from the Headstones), but he does his best to sound unique with the screams and shouts on this little ditty.

The next track “The Never Ending Nightmare” slows down the pace a bit, opting for some melody, but providing some interesting lyrics to boot. Following this is “Moonlight Murder” and it’s without question the most defined track on the E.P. and also the longest in terms of length of the four tracks. Clocking in at just over 4 minutes and coming across with some satisfying guitar work – in particular the riffing – the song won’t disappoint the ardent fan of this style of music. I would say this track represents the solid rock side of the band’s style and it’s a direction that could really propel them into the music scene locally.

Now the last track provides an edge that caught my attention straightaway. Speaking to Ben personally about this number, he explained the song didn’t come out as planned, but I simply loved this number. “I Wanna Be A Villian” could be the theme song for Adam Driver’s character in the latest Star Wars vehicle and the gutsy sound coupled with the low-fi feel made for a pleasant listening experience. It will grab you by the balls and won’t let go for duration of two minutes or so.

Scarecrow's Curse
Written by: Kenneth Gallant
8 out of 10

My feelings overall for this E.P. leaves me feeling pretty good about their style of greasy garage punk/rock horror. The songs are short, but bursting with flavor and energy and there are enough musical ideas going on in each song to keep my attention going. I must also thank Ben Vermin for passing along to me a first pressing of the E.P. for review purposes. The band will be going back into production for 100 more copies of a second pressing for the official online release. Copies will be made available physically, but also through iTunes, CD Baby, and Spotify.

So get your copy while you can. You can contact Ben and the band through their FB page.

Kenneth Gallant, HMS

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