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Sebastian Bach, Conflict Of Interest
and Bravo Delta at the Brooklyn Bowl
in Las Vegas 4-26-15

In the early 1980’s a band was being formed in New Jersey that would shape and form a new brand of Heavy Metal. Skid Row would release a debut record in 1986 that had as many hits as it did tracks. It had a heavy Los Angeles sound from five guys from the East Coast. Their music would only get heavier on the second record. Unfortunately, one of the founding members would be fired for what we laymen call a bogus reason. Sebastian Bach would later form his own group under his name and continue making records that outdo each other and carry on in making heavy music fun, loud, and entertaining.

Tonight at the Brooklyn Bowl, in Las Vegas of all places, Sebastian brings the noise with a little help from his friends.

Delta Bravo kicked off with some active rock n roll. This local act had power, sense, and really good songwriting. Pumped with energy and original tunes, Brandon Davis quickly won the crowd over as he sang and ripped the rhythms on guitar while the lead guitar player shredded through nicely executed solos and the bassist and drummer kept things booming along. Both guitar players blended well as they sang melody in a few songs. It was reminiscent of what Echo 7 and Queensryche used to do. With all the metal bands out there, Bravo Delta is making a mark and one to keep an ear out for.

The next group to give us an ear full was a bit darker, deeper, and heavier. The first thing I thought was, Korn better get something going before these guys take over the Nu Metal scene! Conflict of Interest took to the stage with fierce velocity and strength. Brandon Davis of Bravo Delta pulled double duty as he played rhythm guitar in this band also. I like how they used dark tones and moods to emphasize the content of the lyrics. Long songs kept the listener’s interest, and catchy rhythms kept people in a groove which made Conflict interesting and the crowd’s blood boiling.

The man that needed no introduction waited in the wing on stage left as his band violently bashed out the intro to the first song, “Slave to the Grind.” Sebastian Bach came strolling out with his arms wide as fans went nuts waiting to hear his signature voice when all of a sudden the drums stopped, but the band played on. Sebastian walked back into the shadows of the wing as the techs got the drummer going again. The crowd goes nuts again as he runs back on stage and let’s loose the distinctive pipes that shatter bone. When the song is over he tells us that the drummer broke a pedal. I have never seen that before. I have seen guitar players break a string, but you gotta’ work hard to break a drum pedal.

To further energize the people they played the new song “Temptation” from their album Give Em Hell. Sebastian’s voice was sharp as nails and it raked through the air with every high note. His band of metal maniacs lit the stage as they burned through more Skid Row classics like “The Threat,” “Big Guns,” and “Piece of Me.” These had everyone singing along pumping their fists. It was like seeing the old Skid Row again, only more aggressive and whole lot more fun. Sebastian was in his element and the freedom he had on stage only drove the band to follow suit and try to keep up.

“You could see the memories rise from Skid Row fanatics when they broke into the opening bars of 18 and Life.”

You could see the memories rise from Skid Row fanatics when they broke into the opening bars of “18 and Life.” It was like the first time I saw him back in the early 90’s when they toured with Pantera as their opening act. Emotions welled when Sebastian introduced Dimebag Darrell’s favorite Skid Row song, “Darkened Room.” There was a slight hush over the crowd throughout the passionate performance that was laid out before us. The silence was broken in pieces when the beginning riff for “Monkey Business” started. The band played harder and everyone was in the air as the song banged on. At the breakdown of the song they went into the last verse and chorus of “Tom Sawyer” by RUSH. It meshed right on with the chord progression and really built the song up for the guitar solo and ending of “Monkey Business.”

Lights went down and lighters went up for the super big hit everyone knows, “I Remember You.” All swayed to the melody that brought us closer to one we were with when this song played on the radio.

Just when you thought the show would end Sebastian says, “Now is the part of the show where we leave, you guys make a bunch of noise and we come back all surprised that you want us to play more!” Instead of leaving the stage he acted out the part of a surprised front man humbled by the cheers of hundreds of fans. The encore began with the emotional, “All My Friends Are Dead” from the new record. A personal song Sebastian wrote in remembrance of friends that have passed away, it was even more moving live. He only had to point to the tattoo on his arm to introduce the next song and everyone yelled out, “Youth Gone Wild!” All the old fogies went wild to the anthem that inspired us to live life to the fullest and make every day a party. I can tell you that after this song was over, the cheers lasted longer than the show itself!

It was a fun night to remember the hits and experience new shredders. What also made the night for me was seeing my friends; Kris from work, David G, who I see all over town, and Dave K. with his wife Janice. Thanks to Janice who took a great picture of Sebastian!

Tim Duran, HMS

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