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HMS Music Spotlight

There are two words that I can use to describe Sinbreed: “Ultra Heavy”. Their new record, Master Creator is fast, deep, and gritty. Herbie Langhans’ vocal power reminds me of Marc Storace from Krokus.

The music moves like a ride on a fantastic roller coaster. Right from the start, they hit you with power thrash on “Creation of Reality” and “Across the Great Divides”. Frantic rhythms fill these tracks along with dominating pocket bass lines and wicked fast drumming. The fun doesn’t stop there. “Behind a Mask” and “Night” lend perfect harmonized vocals and yes, more speed. Master Creator is filled with inspiration and encouragement, and the catchy chorus has you instantaneously singing along as “Last Survivor” has the musicians racing against each other to see who’s faster. No record would be complete without a power ballad. “At the Gate” has a quant piano intro that weaves its way throughout the song adding sweet atmosphere and grace.

Back to the deranged rhythm machines in “The Riddle” with strumming so wild you’ll wonder why strings aren’t breaking. “The Voice” has a more hard rock feel from the rest of the songs. Still powerful in its own right, it keeps the flow heavy without too much speed. “On the Run” is an anthem that ends the record with extreme picking on rhythm guitars. The only thing slightly disappointing is the chorus. It’s sort of nursery rhyme like that gives it a bit of the cheese factor.

Master Creator
(AFM Records)
Written by: Tim Duran
9 out of 10

Instant classics would be Master Creator and “Last Survivor”. Spiritually rhythmic and uplifting it’s almost a religious experience. This is a great record for anyone who digs DragonForce with powerful vocals, speedy solos, and a rhythm section with deep pockets. Sinbreed’s Master Creator gets a nine!

Tim Duran, HMS

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