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HMS Music Spotlight

Fredi Handshoe, lead guitar and lead vocals, with Nikki Valklix on bass and vocals are the two members of Sinful Lilly. This new record has a 1990’s feel, with overtones of Stone Temple Pilots and Mudhoney. They’ve put together six fantastic songs that are punch in the gut grunge with the vocal intensity of Alice Cooper that sinks its teeth into your veins. Sinful Lilly is a band that’s not ashamed of their faith, and they share it in classic shock fashion.

Moment of Clarity kicks off with “Truth or Consequence” a heavy ditty with nice wah effect on the guitar intro, and then slams the main groove down into the gullet. It’s a perfect opener for this mini LP that only gets better. “Guilty” is a heart pounding percussive driven tune that will get your fist pumping. I like the way the solo starts and the full on galloping rhythm towards the end.

“Crack in My Heart” is one of the ballads that has a decent edge. The acoustic guitars are a little low in the mix but it’s just right for the grace effect. “Nothing Left” picks up the tempo for a straight rock song with Daniel Barton doing arpeggios on piano, trading the vocal parts and guitar solo.

“Fate” takes it down again, this time with the cello, played by Kenneth Crowdus carrying the vibe. The last song, “Sprits Rebellious,” kicks the groove back to the front. This has more of a Los Angeles rock club feeling and a great sound, but it was over as soon as I got into it.

Sinful Lilly
Moment of Clarity
(Jettlane Records)
Written by: Tim Duran
8 out of 10

Downside on this, some of the vocals seem hurried to get to the next bar and nail the change, and I would have liked a smoother voice for the ballads. Upside is that it’s a well put together sextet of tunes. Drummers, Tre Bledsoe and Kent Slucher, keep the beats pure, Nikki’s bass tone is spot on, and Fredi’s guitar solos are as raw as his voice.

All in all, I’d say Moment of Clarity is a good rock n’ roll record. It gets an 8.

Tim Duran, HMS

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