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HMS Music Spotlight

Finland has always been a breeding ground for the most insane death and thrash metal and this band is no exception, and upon a first listen – it will soon to have you bound in a leather straight jacket. Speedtrap offers up a 1980’s type thrash that is like a rebirth of an era. They have a mix of Los Angeles, California and New York styles; in other words, they’re fast, heavy, and coherent. The band’s fourth release, Straight Shooter is a record that doesn’t quit!

Right out of the gate, “No Glory Found” hits you with a monstrous intro that leads to the sounds of a war zone. “Torches Ablaze” speeds up a bit more. If the first song wasn’t fast enough, this song is just abusive. “Running Rampant”cranks the BPM’s up a couple more clicks to insanity. So far I have not been able to catch my breath, and I’ve only heard three songs. “Eyes for Conquest” and “Serve Your Masters” don’t let up on the accelerator, full on pedal to the metal!

Straight Shooter
Written by: Tim Duran
10 out of 10

The title track, Straight Shooter, lets up a little from the thrashing violence with old school Judas Priest style heavy metal. The vocalist (Jori Sara-aho) even gives us a little Brian Johnson (AC/DC) in his voice at the end. Finishing off in awesome terribleness are two displays of power and extremity. “Heavy Armor” and “Savage the Prey” make you feel as though you’re being torn asunder. You are truly caught in a speed trap with no escape and the enforcer will bind you to a chair as he unleashes the brutality that is Straight Shooter.

Downside is…there is nothing. Upside are tracks 1 – 8. The songwriting is incredible, the arrangement is just right, and the musicianship is tight. The drummer (Markus Hietamies) and bassist (Antti Salminen) are solid in the pocket and unstoppable out of the pocket. Both guitar players (Ville Valavuo and Jaakko Hietakangas) are speedy without being sloppy and just spewing notes here and there. The singer has the range that Geoff Tate had on Queensryche’s “The Warning” record. All in all a most violent listen and now I need some Anthrax to calm myself down. I give Speedtrap a solid 10 for this one. If this record doesn’t have you going metal thrashing mad, then turn up your Perry Como because your metal license has been revoked!

Tim Duran, HMS

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