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Stephen Pearcy/Chaotic Resemblance
at Count’s Vamp’d, Las Vegas 13/12/14

Any night is a good night for RATT and ROLL. Growing up in the 80's was a time when metal was pure and un-messed with. Bands like Megadeth, Metallica, Anthrax, and Iron Maiden were the groups that forged the path for other bands to fallow. One band strayed from the path just a bit. Out of the cellar came a big RATT that took metal and gave it some glam spunk. Several years later we find that the RATT bastard himself, Stephen Pearcy is still rolling strong with a powerful band behind him.

We start the evening off with a rockin' set from Oklahoma mayhem masters, Chaotic Resemblance. They hit the stage running and don't stop. With numbers like the title track from their record "Get the Hell Out" and "War Paint", the crowd likes what they hear.

Later, no rock show is complete without a mellow tune. "18 and Life" is the one that is chosen. But it doesn't stay mellow. Tonight, CR is only on one speed! Besides a few other selects from their CD, they do the heaviest version "Refugee" by Tom Petty I have ever heard. I am sure the reason why they chose that song is, "Why keep running when you can find peace in God's Son".

And as day turns into night, so does the message. Stephen Pearcy drags the glam metal 'tude with him onto the stage and commences to drive his tank down your street. Opening with "You're in Love", "Lay it Down" and "Lack of Communication". The barrage of oldies but goodies continue with 'Wanted Man", "Slip and Slide", "Drive me Crazy" and Dangerous, but worth the Risk". The fun doesn't end there as they go into more favorites like "Way Cool Jr.", "Sweet Cheater", and "I'm Insane".

"Stephen Pearcy drags the glam metal 'tude with him onto the stage and commences to drive his tank down your street."

I tell ya, it's been a long time since I have seen these songs done live and it's just like the first time back in '86! And the hits just keep on comin'. "You think you're tough", "Body Talk", and a rousing version of Judas Priest's "Heading out to the Highway"! Wow! you'd think that was enough RATT N' ROLL for one night; well they weren't done and you know they had to end with fan favorites of "Back for More" and "Round n' Round".

I think I'm good till next year, but we'll see if there is another show before then. Vegas is a rockin’ town and something is always happening, so come on down!

Tim Duran, HMS

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