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HMS Music Spotlight

Straight outta’ the field, Sunflower Dead rises and seeks its revenge in nu-metal style. Exorcising life with undertones of Disturbed, the band brings their undead sound to the ears of the living. Although it was a tough listen, it was interesting.

“Inhuman Lung,” is the short intro that heads into “Dance with Death.” This song and the title cut get things off to a speedy start. The chunky guitars and steady 4/4 on the drums make these tunes catchy and toe tapping. “You’re Dead to Me,” has an alternative rock beat with a modern metal tone. The vocals and the guitars harmonize well, giving it that nineties vibe. The next song, “Nothing,” is their attempt at a hard rock ballad complete with piano driven melody and big strumming chords. I didn’t care for the solo section in “Weird” because they yelled over it. Being that was the only solo for the song, it would have sounded better up front than in the back. The solo in “Nothing” was OK, but it got a bit sloppy towards the end for my taste. All in all, the solos were decent.

Sunflower Dead
It’s Time to Get Weird
(Bloody Bat Records)
Written by: Tim Duran
5 out of 10

Sunflower Dead has an alright look for shock genre. They have a clever, if not a little farfetched, story of how they got their name. You can read all about it on their website at

On the downside though, the record is a bit blasé and left me flat. The music is predictable and repetitive, the solos get a little sloppy in some spots, and the guitar work is adequate. I think Sunflower Dead is in search of a sound, and when they find their niche they’ll be much tighter and more on the same page.

As for the upside of things - the vocals and the energy put forth on this offering are good. The rhythm section is heavy and has a tight pocket. It’s a good first record and I’m sure their sound will mature as they keep pushing forward. I give It’s Time to Get Weird a mediocre 5.

Tim Duran, HMS

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