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You really have to love compilations like this and more importantly, coming from the devious mind of Swedish death metal fanatic Rogga Johansson to boot. Swarming was a project he started in 2010 with Lasse Pyykko – unleashing a brand of sludgy-infused death metal that harks back to the old school stylings of the early 90’s.

The bulk of the recordings extend between the years of 2010 to 2012, and although no official album was ever released (with the exception of a split they did with Zombie Ritual) these recordings encompass a band that could have given bands like Entombed, Grave and Dismember a run for their money.

The good news is that Dead Beat media have taken up the cause to get an official CD culled together – finally giving Swarming their due! Dubbing the compilation – Cacophony of Ripping Flesh is a pure stroke of genius. It’s a title that will surely raise an eyebrow or two, if not getting you to cream your shorts just based upon the nasty cover artwork of Adam Geyer. The cover alone should suggest just how dangerous the music of Swarming is going to be (reminding me of early 80’s Italian Splatter cinema) and setting up those ears to ghastly sounds of rotted corpses rising from their graves.

So now that I have set things up, let’s get down to brass taxes. The music is exactly what you would expect from Rogga Johansson – uncompromising, bombastic and proving to be a total face ripper! Tracks like “Convulsing Into Eternal Doom” and Premature Embalming” (imported over from the split with Zombie Ritual) are present here on this recording. Notwithstanding the bevy of other gore enhanced tracks to pound the listener into submission with those ghastly sounds and beats.

Cacophony of Ripping Flesh
(Deadbeat Media)
Written by: Kenneth Gallant
9 out of 10

“It Came from the Graveyard” is a brutal and punishing little ditty and “Hacksaw Holiday” pricked up this reviewer’s ears; especially when Rogga’s low registered growls erupted like a beast in agonizing torment. I think my favorite track though was “Feasting on Drowned Flesh” – complete with puke inducing vocals from Lasse to give this number a foul stench to compliment the doomy leads.

I really feasted on “Amputation Frenzy” and the sludgy sounds of “Reeking of the Bowels” prove how determined Rogga is with homage to the classic death metal sounds of the early 90’s. I can’t forget to also touch upon the nastiest track of the bunch – “The Hideous Incantation” because it hit like a sledge hammer and kept swinging down pulverizing all the human flesh in sight!

On a whole, this is a great compilation and I must thank the tireless efforts of Dead Beat Media head honcho Jill Girardi for spearheading this project. This is a compilation worth having in your collection and if you are a fan of Rogga Johannson, please go out and purchase this release. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed at all!

Kenneth Gallant, HMS

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