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Through the last 35 years there have been a handful of bands that, despite the changes in music genres, have stayed the course of true heavy metal. Voivod is one of those bands that have carried hard-core thrash, metal, and progressive to perfection in sound and words.

They are timeless heroes who have stood the test of time, pressing hard through line-up changes and the loss of founding member Piggy (Denis D’Amour) in 2005. Post Society isn’t a come-back record, because Voivod never left. The underdog of progressive, the red-headed stepchild of heavy metal has been here all along, and now it’s time for the world to understand how wrong they have been to have ignored the genius of Voivod.

With more records than Metallica (and none of them suck like; Load, Re-Load, St. Anger, and Death Magnetic) Voivod cranks out another five fantastically frantic songs for their EP, Post Society.

Opening with an epic sounding title track, “Post Society” Voivod takes flight and there’s no bringing them down. The vibe is more progressive than metal on the EP, but the all around sound is like the Outer Limits record or Angel Rat. “Forever Mountain” kicks down with some wicked clean guitars and a tinge of distortion to add tension to the erratic rhythm. The next song, “Fall” takes the tempo down for a minute before they stick you back into the mental ward with the dizzying effect of the song.

Post Society
(Century Media Records)
Written by: Tim Duran
10 out of 10

“We are Connected” fades in from silence as is what Voivod is known for. This post punk tune has a soft breakdown before the guitar solo, another Voivod staple, and then heads back into the main riff. The EP ends with “Silver Machine” which really brings to mind the flying disc the song speaks of. The 60’s Beatles feel to this tune makes it a fun listen as well as the tossing of super distorted bass lines into outer space.

It’s hard to listen to new Voivod without the distinct sound of Piggy’s axe, but as the saying goes, “The show must go on.” So on they go, delivering music of the galaxies in their self built flying machines. Biased as it may be, I hand Voivod a 10 for never stopping, never holding back, and never letting down.

Tim Duran, HMS

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