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Wednesday 13/Eyes Set to Kill/
Die So Fluid at the Rockpile
Toronto January 30, 2015

On a cold Friday night, many rabid Wednesday 13 fans jammed a small club in the west side of town in Toronto. Named the Rockpile, this venue has been around for close to three years now and has hosted some great shows. Tonight though, Wednesday 13 with special guests Eyes Set to Kill would rock the house, along with Die So Fluid and a few local acts in support.

I won’t spend too much time going over the local acts, although I will say each band (Dred, The Dead Sexy and Tether) came out and gave it their all. All these sets were short and sweet – but were there to get the main acts all warmed up. First up from England (originally) was Die So Fluid who gave a spirited performance and led by a female vocalist who did her best to get the crowd invested into the show. Following them was Eyes Set to Kill from LA and I thought they were also energized and eager to get the crowd jazzed up for the main course.

What a main course it was when Wednesday 13 and his cohorts hit the stage to a raucous ovation. They hit the ground running with “Keep Watching the Skies” the opening track off their latest disc Monsters of the Universe. From there they ripped into another new song “Astro Psycho Galactic Blood Drive” before moving into older hits like “I Want you…Dead”, “Look What the Bats Dragged In” and “Get Your Grave On”.

There was a brief intermission to let the smoke machine and effective lighting fill the club with a ‘designed’ creepiness and set everyone up for “Serpent Society”. Wednesday changed his wardrobe here and when he came out and belted out this great number the mosh pit started revving up. Certainly this new track was a highlight for me, but the band piled on some gruesome numbers like “Skeletons”, “Come out and Plague” and “House by the Cemetery” to push the set even further.

"Wednesday 13 and his cohorts hit the stage to a raucous ovation."

I must admit the mosh pit was a bit intimidating at times and most of the new material played custom fitted into this melding sea of craziness. New songs like “I Love Watching you Die” and “Bombs, Guns, Gods – This is A War” have a more metallic edge and are extremely mosh worthy – as evidence by how many times my left foot got stomped on.

Wednesday and his band mates then disappeared from the stage briefly, but came back for the encore. They dipped into the past to dig up “Scary Song” from the Frankenstein Drag Queen days ( Wednesday’s first band). Then another personal favorite of mine “I Walked with a Zombie”, “Bad Things” and then completing the night with the title track off the latest album “Monsters of the Universe”. Again this is another new song that is quickly becoming a favorite of mine, proving that Wednesday 13 can still push the envelope with his brand of shock rock.

Kenneth Gallant, HMS

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