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The Crystar and Danzig Connection

For those who read comic books in the 80’s; Marvel comics were the king of the toy/comic book tie-in. You had Micronauts, Rom, G.I. Joe and Transformers, but there was another unique tie-in that Marvel was contracted out to with an interesting connection to the metal genre.


Now obviously the book/toy I am about to mention is hard to associate to a metal band, but Remco toys created Crystar the Crystal Warrior from an original idea that Marvel Comics shopped around. Along came a series made in 1983 by writer Jo Duffy and artist Ricardo Villamonte. It only lasted 11 issues; purely fantasy based and had a toy-line to boost around it.

The connection to metal surrounds issue eight of the series featuring a cover from artist Michael Golden. The image reveals Crystar raising his sword against a winged hoard of creatures, while standing atop a demonic skull. That demonic skull has proved to become iconic after the punk/metal band Samhain borrowed for their identity/logo. In fact, frontman Glenn Danzig took it one step further when Samhain dissolved and became Danzig; bringing the skull design along for the ride.


Obviously, Glenn Danzig is a long-time comic book fan, so the connection makes sense in many ways. I’ve often wondered what Michael Golden has to think about this, perhaps even if Marvel has any reservations regarding copyright infringement. Unboundedly, nothing ever resulted from the lifting of the image, since Danzig has gone on to a lucrative career in music.


Crystar may not be associated with the horror genre, but it surely did help Samhain/Danzig become one of the most adoring horror inspired metal bands of all time.

Kenneth Gallant, HMS

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