Monster Dog

As part of Alice Cooper's 80's comeback, he starred in this classic 1984 Spanish werewolf movie (dubbed over in English with Cooper's lines spoken by Ted Rusoff), written and directed by Claudio Fragasso under the name Clyde Anderson.

Monster Dog opens with the music video for "Identity Crisis" by rock star Vince Raven (Alice Cooper, and pronounced "Rahven"). After this delightful song and video, we then see Vincent, his lover Sandra (Victoria Vera), and his rowdy crew in a van as we find out they are driving to Vincent's childhood home to film another music video. Before they arrive at the mansion they are stopped by Sheriff Morrison (Ricardo Palacios) and the deputy (Luis Maluenda) who warns them with graphic details of how locals were savagely attacked by killer dogs recently. They also mention something about Vincent's father, but when Sandra tries to ask why they mentioned his father, Vincent suddenly gets very defensive.

After the video shoot, a group of villainous townsfolk show up and hold up most of the crew at gunpoint trying to cause them more harm until Vincent shows up to save the day. However, the troubles are not over as the werewolves suddenly start appearing and attacking many of the crew. Strangely, however, most of the werewolves act calm when Vincent is around. Could Vincent be hiding a secret?

I don't believe the official soundtrack to Monster Dog was ever released, but there are still four great songs in this movie, including two new Alice Cooper songs.

1) "Identity Crisis" by Alice Cooper (written by Alice Cooper and Teddy Bautista) is a great rollicking tune that Alice Cooper sings as Vince Raven. This song plays at both the beginning and the end of the movie.

2) "A Dream Within a Dream" By the Alan Parsons Project is another pretty cool progressive rock/metal song that plays briefly before the music video filming scene. This cut comes off of the band's 1976 album, Tales of Mystery and Imagination. The line up on this song includes Alan Parsons on vocals and keyboards, Joe Puerta on bass, Stuart Tosh on drums and percussion, Billy Lyall on keyboards and recorder, Eric Woolfson on keyboard, Ian Bairnson on electric and acoustic guitars, David Paton on acoustic guitar and backing vocals, and Orson Welles as narrator.

3) "The Raven" by the Alan Parsons Project is a cool Poe-inspired prog tune from their album, Tales of Mystery and Imagination. This song also plays before the music video sequence, when Vincent is putting on his make-up. The line-up is as for this song includes, Alan Parsons on co-lead vocals and keyboards, Burleigh Drummond and Styart Tosh on drums, Bob Howes and the English Chorale on choir vocals, Christopher North on keyboards, David Pack on guitar, Andrew Powell as conductor, Joe Puerta on bass, Leonel Whiting on Main lead vocals, and Eric Woolfson on backing vocals and keyboards, and Ian Bairnson on guitar solo.

4) "See Me in the Mirror" by Alice Cooper (written by Cooper and Bautista).This is the song that Cooper sings as Vincent Raven during the music video shooting scene. It's a nice gothic tinged song that sounds very mysterious.

"Alice Cooper is clearly one of the biggest influences in the world of Metalsploitation films..."

The songs in the movie are really solid, and the two Alice Cooper songs can also be found on his 1999 box-set, The Life and Crimes of Alice Cooper. On his songs, Alice Cooper was backed by a custom-assembled band called Dicotomia. Currently, I don't know who the rest of the members of this band were, but it possibly contains one of the composers, Teddy Bautista, who co-wrote the two main songs with Alice. Bautista is also one of the most famous musicians and songwriters from Spain.

Alice Cooper is clearly one of the biggest influences in the world of Metalsploitation films, and he has done many Metalsploitation films, including The Nightmare (1975), Suck (2009), Dark Shadows (2012), Prince of Darkness (1987), and many more. But Monster Dog possibly remains one of his best known and possibly most loved. I think it's a kick-ass film, and it was released on DVD in 2004. It has also been released under the titles Leviathan and the Bite. Under any title or any format, it's still an all-time classic!

Filmed in Torrelodones, Spain.

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Billy Larouqe, HMS

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