Terror Toys

NECA’s Retro-style
Freddy and Jason clothed dolls

Terror Toys is an exciting feature bringing you the latest in horror action figures and collectibles. I’m very excited to have the services of Aaron Hauser of Turmoil in the Toybox fame, as one of our leading experts for this page. Aaron is also a skilled broadcaster/videographer with the Air Force, totaling over 11 years of experience working in news and TV production, along with producing various pieces for 99 Air Base Wing Public Affairs. His youtube series chronicles some of the best reviews on the net for movie collectibles, props and toys, so having him as a part of this feature is an honor.

Aaron returns to HMS with another great toy review to bring you every horror fan’s favorite bad boys from Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th. These toys are directly inspired by the Mego figures from the 1970’s and Neca has done a fabulous job in replicating those posable dolls with fabric clothing to boot. So watch closely as Aaron gives you the low down on these incredible horror figures.

Freddy vs. Jason

Hong Kong director Ronnie Yu rose to prominence after his smash hit Bride with White Hair in 1993. The film was loosely based on the 1982 film Wolf Devil Woman, and Yu saw the film as a Romeo and Juliet story as the lovers struggle against Fate and their heroic duty. The film turned out to be Ronnie’s big ticket to Hollywood, and he was given the assignment of directing Bride of Chucky. The film proved Ronnie’s ability to take an aging horror franchise and turn it into box office gold, so this lead to the dream project of having Freddy Kruger face off against Jason Voorhees.

In 2003, the crossover between film franchises was a first for Hollywood standards. It was the eleventh film in the Friday 13th franchise and the eighth in the Nightmare series. It pitted Freddy against Jason, and since this was the last time both characters would be represented in this incarnation (both movies were rebooted afterwards) the film was extra special.

The film grossed 36 million on opening weekend, and went on to amass a whopping 82 million in domestic sales. This was indeed big business and as a final hurrah it was Robert England’s last performance as Freddy Krueger. Despite mixed reviews at the time of its release, the fans of the two franchises came out in droves to support their favorite slashers in a showdown that won’t ever be forgotten.

Kenneth Gallant, Editor HMS

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