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Neca’s 25” Balrog Action Figure

Terror Toys is an exciting feature bringing you the latest in horror action figures and collectibles. I’m very excited to have the services of Aaron Hauser of Turmoil in the Toybox fame, as one of our leading experts for this page. Aaron is also a skilled broadcaster/videographer with the Air Force, totaling over 11 years of experience working in news and TV production, along with producing various pieces for 99 Air Base Wing Public Affairs. His youtube series chronicles some of the best reviews on the net for movie collectibles, props and toys, so having him as a part of this feature is an honor.

Aaron returns to HMS to bring us another exciting toy review. This time around he tackles the massive Balrog figure from Neca toys. This is definitely one collectible to be had, given the sheer size of the piece, so listen closely as Aaron goes through all the points of articulation and outlines specific details about the sculpt. So without further ado, click on the video below!

The literary origins of the Balrog

According to Tolkien’s writing, the Balrogs were scourges of fire and demons of terror. Originally they came from the same order as Sauron and Gandalf, but later seduced by Melkor. Once corrupted, Balrogs were the most feared among Morgoth’s forces, but eventually fled into the pits of Angband after his fortress of Utumno was destroyed. It was here where they first encountered the elves.

Eventually most of the Balrogs were destroyed during the war of wrath at the end of the First Age. A few did remain hidden at the roots of the earth, but it wasn’t until the Third Age, when it was discovered that one remained hidden deep beneath the Misty Mountains. The Dwarves accidentally awakened it while mining for Mithril, ultimately causing the Balrog to force them from their homeland in Moria. Eventually the Balrog was confronted by Gandalf and ultimately destroyed.

The movie version of the Balrog

His appearance in The Fellowship of the Ring – The Two Towers (2001) is extremely short, but what little we do see from the Balrog still stands out as one of the great fight scenes of the entire film series. Not many creatures can come close to extinguishing Gandalf’s life like the way this fiery beast did, and this makes the creature a fearsome opponent.

Visually, the Balrog is a lava soaked monster that looks like the perfect creature to be climbing out of the bowels of Satan’s lair. During the film series, the Balrog appears in the mines, attacking Gandalf while the fellowship are fleeing to the surface. The spectacular fight that ensues between them is terrific and the encounter is so memorable after both appear to fall to their death. Of course Gandalf ultimately stood triumphant, while the Balrog was defeated.

Kenneth Gallant, Editor HMS

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