The Horror Show

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by Abel Vang, Burlee Vang

In this modern age of smart phones and tablets, it is pretty safe to say apps are here to stay. We have apps to entertain us, apps to tell us if we're eating right, apps to tell us when to exercise. Even apps to tell us to hydrate! Then there are apps like Siri, Alexa, and Cortana. Apps to “help” us. They manage your appointments, make calls, send texts, even sets timers. Now what would happen if one of these “helper” apps was made to scare you to death? Say hello to Mr. Bedeviled.

The movie opens with a teenage girl who gets killed by a jump scare. Her friends all meet and talk about how she was a good person. After the initial shock of their friend's death they all receive an invite from her to a new assistant app called Mr. Bedeviled. They think the app is amazing! It does everything. It knows everything. It knows what you're afraid of. It starts to destroy the lives of anyone who downloads it. It's up to the group to stop Mr. Bedeviled before it's too late.

This movie should have been called Jump Scare: The Movie! There were so many and some of them didn't even feel like they had a purpose. It was just “oh look we've not had a jump scare in five minutes.” BOOGA BOOGA! It got so boring that I started playing my favorite game, guess the jump scare! It was fun for a minute.

This should have been a neat concept with a flawless execution, instead we were presented with long character development that really did nothing because these actors were so stiff that all the development in the world wouldn't have helped. We had a nifty monster with pretty cool powers and a neat backstory. Too bad he was utilized so little.

Everything about this movie should have been memorable, but honestly I don't remember a thing about Bedeviled. I hate when movies don't leave an impression of any sort. This app would get one star from me.

Robin Thompson, HMS

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