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The Horror Show team brings you another round of reviews this week. From Santa Slashers to Giallo, I feel like this week’s movie reviews are quite diverse to say the least.

Billy reviews City of Lust (also known as Yellow) a self-proclaimed Giallo film and The Sacrament, a found footage film surrounding the tragedies of a cult.

We welcome our newest reviewer to the team, PJ Griffin, as he delivers a review on horror/comedy Caesar & Otto’s Deadly Xmas and animated horror film Where The Dead Go To Die.

Maria brings us Spanish language horror film The Hidden Face and tells us why we need to watch the film to uncover the mysteries in it.

Lastly, I review Cabin Fever: Patient Zero, or rather, tell you why you need to stay away from it.

As always, The Horror Show Team thanks you for your support and we hope that we have satisfied your search for new horror movies to watch in this round’s reviews.

Stevie Kopas, Managing Editor HMS

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