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Welcome back to another excellent round of What's hot or not in horror with your favorite review team!

Before we get to the reviews, I wanted to invite you podcast lovers to check out my podcast with metal drummer Joe Moore on YouTube. We just launched our new channel and you can check it out here: Horror Metal Cast. You can check out past episodes on Joe's channel as well! Be sure and subscribe to our new channel as Joe and I will not only be hosting a podcast each week, but we will also be posting video reviews of movies and metal in the near future!

Now, on to the reviews!

Ken jumps in this round with a special review of black metal biopic, Lords of Chaos, based on the terrible, true events surrounding the band Mayhem.

I cover the highly anticipated sequel to Happy Death Day, appropriately titled Happy Death Day 2U. Surely one fans of the first film will not want to miss. I also share my thoughts on Brazilian dark comedy The Cannibal Club as well as the not so hot film The Final Wish.

PJ returns to the anthology front with his review of Terror Tales featuring Ari Lehman and Felissa Rose.

Robin rounds us out this round with Deadly Detention, a nod to The Breakfast Club and the not so Southern Gothic Tale, The Perfect Host.

Check out the reviews and let us know what you think!

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Stay tuned for more reviews to come and stay up to date with what's hot or not in horror. Until next time, peeps, keep it creepy!

Stevie Kopas, HMS

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