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Ace Frehley
Origins Vol. 1

First and foremost, I gotta’ say that I am super stoked about doing this review. As a lifelong card carrying member of the KISS Army, it is an extreme honor to review an album by one of my heroes and biggest inspirations.

Having grown up supporting every KISS member's outside projects, I gotta’ say out of them all, Ace's has always been the best - from the first Frehley's Comet album to his last release, Space Invader, he has never let me down. His latest effort, Origins Vol. 1, is a great well crafted strong release of Ace covering his own influences, and features appearances by some great guests.

In all honesty, Ace has never disappointed when covering songs on past releases because he is great at picking songs that suit his style, so an album of cover songs truly hits it with me. His guitar work and vocal work is truly incredible on this album and this is Ace in the most top form I think we have ever heard him. My only disappointment is Ace not adding Deep Purple's Space Truckin' to this amazing album; but fingers crossed that it might happen on Vol. 2!!!

Ace kicks this album off with an amazing rendition of Cream's “White Room”. From its grand opening, it instantly feels like the beginning of a psychedelic space ride, which makes total sense. Then comes a great guitar rock cover of the Rolling Stones' “Street Fighting Man”, which has always been one of my personal favorite Stones songs. Ace's cover of Jimi Hendrix's “Spanish Castle Magic” is brilliantly executed in both guitar work and treatment by both Frehley and John 5 of Rob Zombie; definitely showcasing Hendrix's heavy influence on Frehley.

Next up, is a small KISS reunion with Paul Stanley on a cover of Free's “Fire And Water”. Paul's vocal work totally catches that Paul Rodgers vibe, lending itself nicely to Ace's groovy guitar work; definitely a stand out track for the diehard KISS fans. The cover of Thin Lizzy's “Emerald” is probably my own personal favorite from this album based solely on Frehley's medieval styled guitar work on the song's solo section. Definitely could have been showcased in a film like Knights of Badassdom just for its brilliance alone.

Ace's cover of Led Zeppelin's “Bring It On Home” is just a great blues filled track that gets you in that groove right before Ace explodes into a sonic tirade of electric guitar rock 'n' roll at its best. In a grand gesture of all great guitar anthems, Ace is joined by rock goddess, Lita Ford, on a stellar cover of The Troggs' “Wild Thing” - a rocker that hits you like Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn whipping a fast ball right at your head; total and utter annihilation on the senses.

Ace Frehley
Origins Vol. 1
(eOne Entertainment)
Written by: Hellsing 1313
9 out of 10

Once again John 5 joins Ace on a blistering redux of the KISS classic, “Parasite”, as well as an awesome cover of “Cold Gin” featuring Pearl Jam's Mike McCready which was always the 2 songs that KISS fans have wanted to hear recorded by the Spaceman for years and for sure, he did not disappoint. Steppenwolf's “Magic Carpet Ride” and The Kinks' “Till The End of The Day” also get the Ace Frehley treatment and are instantly volume raising sing a longs while driving in your car - just completely fun rock 'n' roll tracks.

Finishing up this great album, is a shocking cover, that even I was completely floored by. It’s a thunderous, molten lava rendition of “Rock And Roll Hell” by KISS that was featured on the album Creatures of The Night, which Ace never even played on. Even I have to admit, I actually like Ace's version of this more than the original; amazingly and superbly done, without a doubt destined to be a much requested live Ace Frehley song.

All in All, I give this album 2 big Devil Horns up on the Hellsing Rating Scale. Amazingly accomplished and flat out, pure Rock 'N' Roll at it's very best. Highly Recommended for any Ace Frehley fan or any fan of great rock 'n' roll in general. Now we just gotta’ wait for Origins Vol. 2 to get our fix again.

I know Ace won't let us down. Awk!

Hellsing 1313, HMS

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