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Combat Cathedral

Yet another classic era thrash band is back. Assassin from Germany threw out a new album called “Combat Cathedral”.

The opener "Back from the Dead" is just a brutal beginner. Distorted thunder right in my face, as I am armed with a beer and ready for more. The drive continues with a mid-tempo song - "Frozen before Impact" grooves through and through. My beer is already empty and Assassin's energy entices me to continue.

This is straight Thrash from the heart. No surprises, no effects. I mark this as a positive feature of the album. Tracks like "Slave of time" or "Whoremonger " are hammering down-the-line.

Ok, the drumming might have been more creative to leave a fascinating impact, but, the voice of Ingo Bajonczak steals all your attention. His sawing and powerful vocal lines are very impressive. He really sounds like Peavey Wagner of Rage, only stronger.

Combat Cathedral
(SPV GmbH)
Written by: Exx Tom
6 out of 10

The whole atmosphere reminds me of Rage's “Black in Mind”. Yet it can’t be reached because Assassin missed to pack in little creative gimmickries that keep the album interesting over a long period of time. Something they really managed on their classic “Upcoming Terror” back in 1986.

The last third of the cd keeps hammering out metal, but I really miss the euphoria I had at the very beginning. "Red Alert" kicks you out with its high class gang-shout-refrain.

I come to the conclusion "Combat Cathedral" is a solid thrash album, nothing to worship but still appreciable. 6/10

Exx Tom, HMS

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