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Beauty In The Suffering
The Crazies EP

My introduction to DieTrich Thrall was on the last date of the Kill Ritual tour where he was the bassist; a calm soul off stage but a crazy man on stage.

I came to know of his project Beauty In the Suffering after following him on Facebook. I mentioned his anarchy on stage where he just plays bass, well on his solo project he’s insane all over the place. DieTrich did all the programming and instruments on his EP The Crazies as well as lay down the lead vocals.

The songs are thick with the hard core electro-industrial sound like early Ministry (The Land Of Rape And Honey) and Dietiphobia with dark thrash movements reminiscent of Rob Zombie. “Juliet” is about as techno as it gets with the programming but the other tunes “The Crazies (The Zombie Song)” and “Revile” tend to be more metal and thrash with the industrial vibe coming to the forefront. The last song gave me the meanest 80’s flashback ever; the electro/hard rock version of the song “Your Love” by British New Wave outfit The Outfeild. Even though The outfield had a good sound back in the day like (The Police), Beauty In The Suffering capitalizes on that sound and makes it explode with modern Thrash-pop. (If there is such a thing).

Beauty In The Suffering
The Crazies EP
(Narcicessity Records)
Written by: Tim Duran
9 out of 10

I think Beauty In The Suffering defines DieTrich - dark, moody, snappy and heavy duty. I can’t wait to hear what this band will sound like when he puts the pieces together. Until then and until the LP comes out, I’ll have to spot the record a 9.

You can check out their bandcamp page here.

Tim Duran, HMS

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