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Darkness Divided

Then God said, “Let there be light” and there was light. He saw that it was good, and God divided the light from the darkness” (Genesis 1:3-4).

Darkness Divided. This southern quartet hails from the great town of San Antonio, Texas and has the brutality of a thousand mercenaries. If they like Buck Owens or ZZ Top, you won’t hear it in the music. I found their sound to be a little like August Burns Red, only with a more thrash/speed metal influence.

Right from the start, these guys unleash a power so furious it leaves no room to breathe in “The Point of no Return”, “Back Breaker”, and “A Life that Binds”. Gerard Mora bashes the lyrics over your head like a heavy hitter, and changes vocal styles from death to black metal on a dime! The Sharknado like attack on guitar by Sebastian Elizondo cuts sharply while Joseph Mora (bass) and Hayden Allen (drums) break the Richter scale with their earth shaking rhythms.

“Wake of the End” lets the tempo drop for a couple of minutes before it ends with a belt of harsh vocals and thoroughly rough rhythms. “Misery” and “Deceiver” deliver more speed metal action. Gerard says he’s most influenced by As I Lay Dying, and in the two latter songs it shows most. “From Dust to Stone” has a short, mellow intro, but what comes after that is a hail storm of brutality named “The Answer” and “Deliverance”. The mood slows to a creepy crawl in the moody, melancholy melody “Mirror of Death” with its spooky drawn out vocals and dark ambiance. To end it all, is “The End of it All”. Heavy post grind core rhythms pound like cannibal drums of war when all hell is raised.

Darkness Divided
Darkness Divided
(Victory Records)
Written by: Tim Duran
9 out of 10

Downside is that it’s just too darn heavy and loud! Upside is it’s just so darn heavy and loud! The songs punch out lyrics that are sure to inspire and encourage with a sheer metal sound. The “death” style vocals are outstanding, and the clean vocal parts done by Sebastian and Joe are pleasant to the ear. In my opinion, we need more bands like Darkness Divided to go into darkened corners to shed light and hope. I believe this record will satisfy your hunger for metal as well as give you some positive light. I give them a 9.

Gerarad says to our readers, “We hope that you guys enjoy our new record! Thanks for taking time to check it out, and hopefully we will see you down the road”.

Tim Duran, HMS

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