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Dead in 5, a hard rock act hailing from Detroit, Michigan, pack one hell of a punch with their latest release; a six track EP titled “Schizophrenic Razor Project”. Right from the first chord of the first track, Dead in 5 come out guns blazing – and they never let up!

“Black Friday Holiday” has an addictive groove coupled with soaring vocals from frontman Robert Libres who’s voice reminds me a little of Paul Stanley’s. It’s like Soundgarden collided with Monster Magnet and Guns ’N Roses. “Trippin’ on The Inside” is another short, sweet and ballsy rocker which veers towards a more alternative key. Yet it doesn’t lose an ounce of that Motor-City-wallop that I’ve come to adore! “Sliver” is a head-bobbing crowd pleaser without a doubt! Slamming home yet another punchy groove with a sultry vocal line that peaks in all the right spots. “Still Remains” knocks up the punchiness another notch, and Deftones comes to mind as it’s both very melodic and a little thrashy at the same time.

Headbanger “Maggots and Flies” may be the shortest track, but it still delivers a bite as it picks up the pace. Last but not least, “Killing What’s Left of Me” stands out the most from this all-too-short collection of hits with a vibe that feels a lot like Queensryche. Killer guitar parts and a lot more intricate, both musically and vocally, than the previous tracks.

Overall this is a great EP that I definitely wouldn’t hesitate to purchase. It gets right to the point and it’s a nice little collection of songs to rock out to. Each member certainly brings their A-game to the table on this recording. I wouldn’t say there’s a lot of variation in terms of the sound or vibe from the first five tracks, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I thought those tracks flowed nicely from one to the next – and I can confidently say that I thoroughly enjoyed what Dead in 5 have to offer with “Schizophrenic Razor Project”.

They’ve got my attention. Now I’m stoked to hear more from this powerful act!

Richard Leggatt, HMS

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