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Death Angel
The Evil Divide

Having enjoyed resurgence in recent years, Death Angel is just getting better with every release. The Evil Divide continues to demonstrate that the older guns can still cut it and even outdo the younger thrash guns.

This album kicks off with “The Moth” which pretty much sets the mark out for this album; plenty of speed, aggression and a great breakdown in the middle. Mark Osegueda is in fine form throughout, demonstrating both melody and aggression aplenty. As would be expected the musicianship on this release is of “musicians at the top of their game”. “Cause for Alarm” takes up where The Moth left off driving the album on with some great riffs. “Lost” is a song that grabbed me due to its intro riff and it offers some space musically after the frenetic opening songs.

Osegueda is in particularly fine voice on this track “Rain Down on me and Wash this Pain Away” with each word hitting out and grabbing the listener. “Father of Lies” breaks its way in with a typical death Angel riff. A great mixture of hard hitting and melodic riffing combined to great effect. The lead playing on this album is great and the drum sound is full and more than capably executed by Will Carroll. “It Can’t Be This” is another song which grabs you after the bass intro sets you up nicely for some great riffing.

Death Angel
The Evil Divide
(Nuclear Blast)
Written by: MeatHook Mike
8.5 out of 10

“Hatred United/United Hate” shows a band on top of their writing game, a mix of calm and storm. I got the version with the bonus track “Wasteland” which is different for Death Angel; atmospheric and almost not metal. Not what you would expect but Death Angel have in their back catalogue been known to experiment with their style.

Overall an excellent thrash metal album and one I’d recommend to those who wish to hear thrash delivered by a veteran band who have a long career both under their belts and still to come if the quality of The Evil Divide is anything to go by.

MeatHook Mike, HMS

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