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Two words come to mind when I listen to Enforcer, Metal Church; only a lot faster. Speed so fierce, I don’t know whether to categorize this as “Speed Metal” or “Power Metal”. From Beyond is the third release from this mighty band from Sweden and you can make sure I will be checking out their other records too!

Full of heavy hitting, high screaming action, these guys slam and jam their way through ten glorious songs that will leave you begging for more. Kicking off with the title track “Destroyer”, you can hear and understand why I say they remind me of Metal Church. The song starts off with some killer solo drum triplets and then the rest of the band bangs in. Just like old times. The two guitarists trade solos and mayhem happens all around, you will love the crescendo at the end. Imagine how crazy this song would be live! “Undying Evil” and “From Beyond” are no slow feats either. Harsh vocals pierce your ears, and the sound of guitars being abused emits their pain. You almost feel sorry for them, but then realize it’s what Metal would want.

To break up the hurricane of sound, “Below the Slumber” sweeps in and cradles your weather torn body for a while, only to be broken again by the merciless onslaught of “Hungry They Will Come”. A most powerful instrumental that is sure to have the head loosened in no time. This leads into the next speedy little ditty, “The Banshee”. It has the old school thrash/groove feel of Flotsam and Jetsam. “Farewell” starts off mellow and makes you think you can relax for a minute. That is all you get is a minute to rest because the remaining three and a half minutes of the song send you into a spin. As you try and catch your balance, “Hell Will Fallow” blindsides you with menacing melodic metal mayhem.

Ending with the song “Mask of Red Death”, I am left imagining the visions that Edgar Allan Poe described in his story. They really get the ambiance here and tell a good story as well. For this one, I am reminded of the feeling that Metal Church gives me when I listen to them. It gave me chills up and down the spine and a feeling of “What’s going to happen next”?

Enforcer delivers a great thrash record that leaves me wanting more, especially after the last song. Downside: there are too many guitar solos, the groove is too tight and the songwriting is too good. Upside: Its ten songs of pure thrash bliss. Spotlights on “Banshee”, “Hell Will Fallow”, ”Destroyer” and “Mask Of Red Death” will make your nightmares a reality. So when it’s all packaged up nice with a pretty bow, I give Enforcer’s Destroyer a two.

And if you believe that, you’re crazier than me! 1+9, says 10. Check them out on their site.

Tim Duran, HMS

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