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Game Over
Crimes Against Reality

Two years after "Burst into the Quiet" GAME OVER returns with their third full length. "Crimes Against Reality" is a modern produced metal album from Italy.

The awesome cover appears to be more dark and scary as the mood of the music. This thrash comes with a great dose of skatepunk; melodic leads and sharp riffs are put together with grooving drums and a rolling bass. When I first listened to the album I got knocked out of my socks. I am sorry to say but I thought this might be a disappointment. It may have been the surprisingly regular song structures that made it taking a while to catch me.

By flipping through the tracks I banged into the title track which had some really exciting moments. I fell in love with the melodies put over on fast groove drums. The kind of bass solo at the beginning is a great highlight, as was the whole solo-riffing section after the second chorus; thrilling! I was ready for more.

Tracks like "Gates of Ishtar" or "Astral Matter" have interesting flange effects which gives them a good character. Many freaky parts are keeping the album attractive, and you will find a pre-chorus with stoutened vocals, a harpsichord interlude and many maniac solo shreds.

Game Over
Crimes Against Reality
(Scarlet Records)
Written by: Exx Tom
8 out of 10

Negative views: The whole sound is way to digital and could have been more rough and individual. As I mentioned before the arrangement could have been more unexpected.

Still "Crimes Agains Reality" is an intense work with a lot of great refrains made to be sang at a GAME OVER live show! 8 of 10! Next level please!

Exx Tom, HMS

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