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Prepare yourselves for the second installment of mayhem and chaos brought to you by the boys from Death Moines, Iowa - Green Death. Just as I had the honor of reviewing the first record, I have been chosen to bring you my thoughts on this sophomore release that made my ears bleed. Manufacturing Evil is a work of art that should not be left hanging. It has the punk feel that is up front on their first album, but the depth of their music has gotten thicker with this one. Sol Bales vocals are more aggressive and there is more of a thrash/death vibe on this new record.

The intro, “Cilicium,” sets the listener up for the beating that the title track lays on. Painfully groovy with vocal rhythms found in “Testament” and “Death Angel,” it’s a perfect example of the maturity and aggression in Sol’s voice. “Gates of Hell” and “Lord of the Dead” will have you marching to the vicious, pounding beats of Ryan Berrier. The vibe is brutal and the guitars are amazing. With each passing song, I like this album more. Even the mellow tune “Soulless,” in its melancholy way, is heavy in the fact that it makes you think about life and the aftermath. “Through The Eye” mixes the speed of thrash, the thick vocals of death metal, and the song length of punk. Add it up and you got a minute and a half of brutal metal under shattered glass. Listening to it, I thought the song was going to be longer, but that’s the beauty, you’ll want to listen more than once!

The mid-tempo fright fest named “Devil’s Night” will put the fear of God in you. From the lyric content to the post grunge vibe, the song drives without going light speed. The vocals are straight forward and have a Chris Cornell feel in delivery. Picking the beat up a bit with some metal action is the song “Demons”. It’s frightfully heavy and will put your speakers to the test. As one of the heaviest tunes on this record, you’ll want to leave a light on while listening. Ending our venture into the mad factory is the ultra-grungy tune, “One with The Flame.” Not too fast, not too slow, but a heaping helping of heavy throughout the entire song. Melodic in rhythm and vocals, the drums bash out a beat worthy of banging your head to.

It’s been a long wait for this record but it was well worth it. You can feel the intensity in every song and the musical power it took to make this a great follow up to The Deathening. Each song is a rocking tune and the band is a well oiled machine bent on creating an evil so fierce it makes your blood curdle.

I give this record a ten. So check out Green Death online and get some hard hitting new music.

Tim Duran, HMS

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