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I’m already a big fan of Prismind, the new band formed by the duo of singer John Mamone and guitarist Kelly Kereliuk. While I am waiting for the band to release an official disc, you can whet your appetite here with John’s solo effort Order and Chaos. In fact Kelly contributes some solo’s here to help John rip it up big time and I must say this is a primer of things to come.

So what should you expect from Order and Chaos? Well it contains 12 tracks of infused rock, metal and some slight nods to the psychedelic movement. John Mamone is quite the mastermind here – singer, songwriter, guitarist/keyboardist, artist – the dude does it all and it’s so bloody convincing. I can’t say there is a bad track here – everything is tight, and tweaked to perfection; including the killer solos from Kelly Kereliuk and Lee Nedlich. Both guitarists add some flair here, combined with John’s stellar songwriting – adding up to a winner as far as I am concerned.

Some of the stand-out tracks are: “Order and Chaos”, “Magnus Tempestas”, and “Mastermind”. I single out these three in particular because they demonstrate speedy tempos, catchy lyrics and emphasise some hard driven moxie. What’s not to like about that? Honestly you can’t go wrong with this CD and if I were a beating man, I’d say Mamone is on to something big here. So starting up Prismind seems like a natural move to me and yet it could become a masterstroke in the frontman’s musical career.

But that’s not to take away from his hard work here. Lyrically, tracks like “Razor Jam”, “Still Waters Run Deep” and “Gimme More Bullets” showcase Mamone’s edgier side and again I go back to what I said earlier about having some hard driven moxie. The singer has it in spades and I would hate to face off with him in a game of poker – ‘cause I know I would lose big time!

Order and Chaos is a solo album worth investing some of your hard earned money on. The songs are short, tight and display enough of an edge to get me to come back for repeat hearings. So with that in mind, give this a shot as you wait for Prismind to finish up in the studio because John Mamone has arrived and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Click on the album cover to visit John's site or visit Prismind's Facebook page.

Kenneth Gallant, HMS

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