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Kissin’ Dynamite
Generation Goodbye

Traveling in the same vein as the Scorpions, Kissin’ Dynamite has the hard rock attitude and power to get people on their feet and fists in the sky. Straight from Baden-Württemberg, Germany, they bring to the table a hot, steamy plate of punchy rock n’ roll with a shot of Hollywood sleaze. Hannes Braun fronts the band while Ande Braun and Jim Müller ignite on guitars. The beefy rhythm section is carried by Andi Schnitzer on drums and Steffen Haile on bass.

Striking the first match, the title cut, Generation Goodbye, kicks off to a decent rock beat and chants of “Hey!” on the one count. The lyrics speak of wanting to get out this stupid world, and I desperately want to be in that van when it splits. “Hashtag Your Life” is a burning tune that’s a pun about the drama and ignorance on social media. “If Clocks were Running Backwards” changes the mood and tempo with a story of loss and the desire to return to a love that’s gone. The next song picks up the tempo again and screams for “Somebody to Hate”.

“She Came, She Saw” is a party rock song about the killer chick every Hollywood band writes about. Next, “Highlight Zone” kicks the tempo up a bit while the duet/ballad, “Masterpiece”, brings it down, yet still keeps it heavy. Power metal vocalist, Jennifer Haben, (Beyond the Black) steals the song “Flying Colours”, the record’s anthem, has a George Lynch (Dokken/Lynch Mob) style riff but the solo is defiantly original.

Kissin’ Dynamite
Generation Goodbye
(AFM Records)
Written by: Tim Duran
9 out of 10

“Under Friendly Fire” and “Larger than Life” are serious rockin’ tunes that make you turn up the volume. The last tune, “Utopia”, brings the tempo back down with heavy chord progression and an anthemic feel. The lyrics center on the reality of a fallen state and the few that still fight for the dream of peace.

Downside, I would have put “Utopia” somewhere in the middle. However, the upside is the song “Masterpiece”, the fun and sometimes very intense songwriting, well planned solos, tight pocket rhythm section, and excellent vocals. Kissin’ Dynamite blew up my stereo with Generation Goodbye”, and for that, I must give them a 9.

Tim Duran, HMS

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