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Mystic Prophecy
War Brigade

Ahoy there this is Captain Steve-O here with another HMS review. Today I am reviewing Mystic Prophecy from Germany. WOW… that is my first impression of this German Power metal band!!! The band members each have their own projects going on, but they manage to keep touring and producing some of the most neck breaking heavy metal I have heard in a very long time.

Lead vocalist R.D. Liapakis has the cords of the great Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden. I can say this that this band has not been in the U.S. yet as far as I know and I have done a bit of research on this band before writing this review. A bit of history on this band, they have been making power metal tunes since 2001 with the debut of Vengeance.

2002 brought out Regressus which some have said was better than the first album. They went on tour of Europe and took them 2 years to bring another kick ass CD out in 2004 they cranked out Never-Ending and 2 years later we have Savage Souls.

2006 came out Satanic Curses which had more neck breaking riffs drum beats and vocals that would make your blood curdle. 2009 3 years later came Fire Angel and in 2011 Raven Lord and in 2013 KillHammer which many thought was by far their best work to date. But then came 2016 and War Brigade provides powerful licks from the dual guitars of Markus Pohl and Laki Ragazas and the skin beating Tristan Maiwurm and the power vocals of R.D. Liapakis.

This CD is well worth it to every metal head looking for something new. When I first put this on my iPod and was on my way to Count’s Vampd in Las Vegas to see my friends in Tailgun play, I had this cranked up with the top down on a very warm spring evening. I got some head bangs and horns high at damn near each stop light. Since then I have not stopped listening to them. With each song that is played from the first song to the only ballad or mellow tune of “10,000 Miles Away” this is total head banging neck breaking horns in the air in your face true horror metal music. If you love metal as much as I do then you will get this CD and hey get the whole discography these guys are that good. I hope this gets to whoever is booking these guys; they need to come to the states!!

Mystic Prophecy
War Brigade
(Massacre Records)
Written by: Steve Duran
8 out of 10

Some great music has come out of Germany like the Scorpions, Doro Pesh, Helloween, Rammstein, Accept, kreator and Sodom with their black/death metal sounds. Once again I want to thank you for reading this review hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Don't forget to check out where you can catch my show and all the kick ass DJ's we have there.

Live, Love and Laugh Longer

Captain Steve-O

Steve Duran, HMS

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