Torture Tunes



This Greek band was a first for me in terms of I’d never heard anything about them or by them before. They proclaim to be a melodic death metal band, I would however disagree. They are certainly melodic and can write a fine tune. This album is vey texture based in that I mean they have many styles which they explore very well. I have heard Lamb of God and Slayer amongst Trivium style galloped riffs and clean vocals.

There is plenty of Slayer style of dark single note riffs and this becomes apparent on Nightmare on Elm Street. That’s no bad thing as Slayer is one of those bands that defined heavy music and of course will influence many bands. The aforementioned song has Slayer, Trivium and Lamb of God in it. My personal favourites on this album are “Masterplan” and “Crocodile Tears” - both are well written, performed and structured and the Lamb Of God influence is apparent in these songs more so than others.

If Ritual of Odds put a little bit more of themselves in the music then I’m sure they will climb up the very competitive music ladder. The mix of influence suggests that the bands are accomplished musicians and are capable of writing a good song. Take for instance the way Masterplan starts and builds. The influences are obvious but it still takes talent to get the song. So overall I think Ritual of Odds offer potential but please harness the talent which is very obvious and develop it. It will pay off in the long haul. If you fancy taking a chance then you could do worse as Ritual Of Odds are certainly no slouches and have delivered a solid if somewhat understated album with God Is An Atheist.

Meathook Mike, HMS

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