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Scattered Hamlet
Swamp Rebel Machine

Scattered Hamlet is four heavy metal hillbillies armed to the hilt with shotguns and axes. The shotguns loaded, the axes are in tune, distorted and sharper than a rattlesnake’s fang. Swamp Rebel Machine is the new record and it’s full of mud-kickin’ honky-tonk, thick with a backwoods swampy groove.

To sum up, mix the freedom rock of Lynyrd Skynyrd with the groove of Pantera, add a little Rob Zombie attitude, and filter it through a moonshine still. There you have it, loud and proud and American made. Scattered Hamlet is fronted by whiskey gargling Adam Newell, “The Chicago Bootlegger,” who also plays slide and lead guitar along side of lead guitarist and harmonica playin’ Adam Joad, “The Appalachian Apostle.” The rhythm section rumbles on with Jake Delling Le Bas, “The Irish Thunder,” handling drums and percussion and Richard Erwin, “Ol’ Kentucky Bastard,” on bass.

Swamp Rebel Machine begins with a drum march intro that sets up the heavy metal anthem, “Battle Hymn.” “Whip-Poor-Will” and “Stonewall Jackson” channel Ted Nugent/Molly Hatchet vibes, as “Four Barrel Mojo” brings in some chicken-pickin’ honky tonk for kicks and grins. Next up, “White Trash” moves and grooves like an out of control locomotion, and “Swamp Rebel Machine” has the ultra-distortion sound that feels like you’re running through a dank swamp looking out for cottonmouths and gaters.

Scattered Hamlet
Swamp Rebel Machine
(Hell Rider Recordings/Buck Moon Productions)
Written by: Tim Duran
10 out of 10

“Green Bastard” is a free-for-all where everyone takes a solo! It’s just a lot of fun to listen to, as is “Outlaw Breed.” The lyric content is like the credo of the band. “Rimfire” and “Buckshot” are heavy duty, hard rock, groovy tunes that make you wanna shake, rattle, and rock n’ roll all over. Ending this hike through the marshes and mud is another thick trudge, “The Lesson.” With more of the same, heavy with a slower, but powerful groove this one ranks high in my book.

There are no downsides on this record, and the upsides are too many to mention. The musicianship and songwriting are anything but simple, the vocals are gripping, and the solos are tasty. I have nothing more to say other than Scattered Hamlet is a definite 10. I absolutely love the vibe it gives off. No hate, no crap, and no ballads!

Tim Duran, HMS

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