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The Fallen Sun

Sludgehammer (from Toronto) was formed in 2013 and is fronted by Chris Szarota with his pit-of-hell death vocals. Featuring the terror twin guitars executed by Jeff Wilson and Tyler Williams and the deadly rhythm section brought to you by Dan Ayers on bass and Fernando Villalobos on the drums. With the full length CD out, they’re ready to pummel you to dust as you listen to the earthshaking sound with a few Cannibal Corpse inspired ditties.

/>“Demons from the Woodwork” explodes on the scene setting the stage for what’s to come. The breakdown works with the post grind movement. “Intestines Entwined” is pretty melodic with the backing vocals carrying clear vocals underneath the darkness of death style.

“The Black Abyss” has a nice, mellow intro before shooting you out of a canon and “Ectogenesis” has a horror movie type of intro to unleash the fear. “Carrion Eater” and “Consuming Afterbirth” continue with a progressive element and “Carnivorous Forrest” is proof these guys don’t just slap chords together and call it a “song”. Dan Ayers’ thrash vocals really make these songs spark.

“Utopian” starts off clean for about thirty seconds, and then the electricity takes over. “Revolting” is the last song and a wonderful piece of work. The guitars slash their way through and the rhythm is contagious as it bulldozes through the speakers. There are two bonus tracks from their debut EP Organ Harvester and Casualties” that carries on with the heavy brow beating with intense lyrics and music to match.

The Fallen Sun
(Independent Release)
Written by: Tim Duran
10 out of 10

Downside is the cover art and the illegible titles. The cover art is dark and hard to make out the shapes as well as the title, The Fallen Sun, which is hidden in the bottom left corner. Upside are the eleven ear splitting, blood curdling, fear inducing tunes. Smart musicianship, intelligent song-writing and incredible tone make this a record for any metal purist. I used to be closed minded about death metal in the early 90’s, but over the years I have grown to love the beauty in the vocal style and Chris Szarota is a dream vocalist. Every tune is outshined by the next. I can’t say enough good about this band other than Sludgehammer’s Fallen Sun gets a face melting 10!

Tim Duran, HMS

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