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The Brotherhood of the Snake

Testament is like a fine wine. They age well and seem to get better with each release. So is Brotherhood better than Dark Roots Of Earth? Yes I definitely believe so. They've gone back to being heavier and darker. This album is probably closer to The Gathering in style which is cool by me.

I really enjoyed this album and many people will have heard the title track and “The Pale King” already. I'll go in from “Stronghold” which really is a typical Testament song; big riffs driven along with the awesome drumming from Mr Hoglan. “Seven Seals” takes up where Stronghold left off. While this release is a good album, it’s occasionally let down by some choruses which I didn't feel fit in with the overall riff driven feel that is displayed throughout. The Pale King and “Neptune’s Spear” spring to mind here. But don't be put off by a couple of dodgy chorus moments because the strength of songs such as “Black Jack” and “Canna Business” soon make up for the very few dodgy moments on this album.

The Brotherhood of the Snake
(Nuclear Blast Records)
Written by: Meathook Mike
8.5 out of 10

Testament really did deliver a very good album here, full of big riffs, great harmonies and melody. The album closes with “The Number Game” which made me play the album again and made me realise that Testament will have a massive say in the metal scene for a long time to come.

Meathook Mike, HMS

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